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ZekeDragon's Blog > Breaking Laptops and My Entertainment Center

Posted 07 October 2011


ZekeDragon's Blog > Time to go on an Adventure

Posted 19 September 2011

I've decided that I'm going to become an expat. I'm going to leave the United States. There are many reasons, some of them personal, some political, and a few practical. Regardless, I've decided to do this before the next major election.

Right now I'm looking mostly at Belize, it's a wonderful little Latin American country that has the distinct advantage...

ZekeDragon's Blog > Yes, I really am a Free Software advocate

Posted 27 April 2011

AUTHORS NOTE: This entry does not reflect the opinions of CodeCall.net, any of CodeCall.net's other staff, nor any advertisers on CodeCall.net.

I must confess that my position on the free use of software has gotten a bit more... some would say 'extreme,' but I disagree simply because I believe that the status quo is the extreme position, whereas one...

ZekeDragon's Blog > Writing an Ogg Vorbis player for PulseAudio

Posted 20 February 2011

I've been working a while on learning how the PulseAudio and Ogg Vorbis API's work, this is just a document of my experiences so far. I'd like to first point out that the Ogg, Vorbis, and PulseAudio API's are woefully undocumented, so that's something that someone should spend some time fixing.

To start, I just wanted to make a simple audio player...

ZekeDragon's Blog > Since it's the popular thing to do...

Posted 28 January 2011

Both Parabola and DarkLord have recently posted blogs espousing their return to CodeCall. I'm one of those kinds of guys who likes to go with the group, so I'm doing the same thing... here I am! I'll come on here more often now that I got my new computer finally. I'm that guy who likes Python and Haskell, and is pretty good with Java and C++ since those are...

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