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cdg10620's Blog > Let's Be Original

Posted 02 September 2009

I'm currently working towards finishing my CIS degree at the University of Houston. This semester I'm taking a Software Engineering class. Our project for this semester is to come up with an original piece of software that people or businesses would find useful, begin an execution plan, build, test, and release the software. I don't have a problem thinking...

cdg10620's Blog > How it all started...

Posted 29 June 2009

So I was thinking this morning about how I got started in programming and figured I would share the story.

When I finally settled on a degree I decided to go for a B.A. Computer Science:Information Systems. My cousin has the same degree and he has done very well. I also figured that it would give me options to be a programmer or be on the operations side...

cdg10620's Blog > Another Day...

Posted 25 June 2009

Just another morning at the office. I got here at about 6:50am like I normally do. Logged on to my laptop, got some coffee, checked e-mail, and then began coding. I'm currently in the process of translating and updating some of our old asp classic applications into ASP.NET with C#. I do enjoy updating some of these applications because it give me some...

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