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Hignar's Blog > My Linux Voyage and Linux From Scratch

Posted 25 October 2009

As some of you may have noticed I'm developing a slight obsession with Linux and *nix systems in general. It's something that's crept up on me slowly. I first began using Unix at university and soon started wondering about installing it in my my own system.

I started off with Mandriva 8.2 and, maybe somewhat predictably, occidentally wiped the whole...

Hignar's Blog > #!crunchbang linux

Posted 16 September 2009

I stumbled upon this distro quite by accident. The homepage can be found here. Either I wasn't aware of them before or there have been a lot of Ubuntu derivatives popping up recently, or at least they have been getting more attention than previously.

Anyway, crunchbang seems to be focused on performance and I...

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