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Vswe's Blog > 182.5 days on CodeCall.

Posted 30 October 2009

So what's the special about that? It's not even an even number of days. But multiply it by two and you'll get 365. So this means I joined CodeCall a half year ago. :)

I have been a great time being here and it feels like a very long time even though it's only half a year. During this time I have helped CodeCall a lot(or at least what I think :P) and I...

Vswe's Blog > The night of changes

Posted 13 July 2009

A night, it seemed to be a night like anyone else. It wasn't that late actually, it was still half and hour till midnight. This night, Late April, last April actually, would be a special night, even though I had no idea about it.

Everyone else had already gone to bed, as I also should have done but I wasn't tired. If I knew what were going to happened...

Vswe's Blog > Programming stop, even possible?

Posted 12 July 2009


Vswe's Blog > Crazy day

Posted 14 May 2009

Today on my math lesson our teacher was out and did a test with a few pupils. Do you think the rest of us worked? The answer is wrong (of course :D). A few of my friends found some balloons and filled them with water. Some of them was thrown out through the window and one was thrown inside the classroom. So there I sat with my calculator and programming a...

Vswe's Blog > First week on CodeCall

Posted 08 May 2009

Now I've been here on codecall for a whole week. It has been a week which has past by very fast. I've met many new people during this time and It have been a pleasure to meet all of you. CodeCall is a great comunity and I hope I can stay here for a long time. There's always a lot of avtivity in the forums; people need help, people give help, people play...

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