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#673983 This site has changed.

Posted by RoboticForest on 16 August 2014 - 12:03 PM

Thank you for the help Kadence. I saw that "About Me" replaced the old biography, but I didn't see anything there that could erase the old section. I also have a duplicate location and interests sections and I can't find anything to erase the old ones. Would you be able to help me with that as well? :)


So, Alexander, you used to be Nullw0rm.  I remember the name, but I'll have to look back through my history of posts to remember what we were talking about. Why the change?


It's nice to be back. Life really got in the way and I didn't end up ever doing much at my computer outside of checking email. Now I'm really making some headway on a CS degree so I plan (and hope) to be sticking around a bit more. :biggrin:

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#673972 This site has changed.

Posted by RoboticForest on 16 August 2014 - 12:57 AM

Wow! I didn't realize it had been over four years since I posted anything on here. This site has changed tremendously, and it's looking and working fantastically. :biggrin:


I do have one question though. Is there any way that I could get rid of the old biography section in my profile? I tried to update my profile a bit last night and I didn't see a way to change/delete that area.



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