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Cyberlink PowerDVD 7 SDK

15 December 2008 - 01:51 PM

I am looking for a way to control Cyberlink PowerDVD 7 i believe it's the ultra version that controls Bluray.

i ran a search for sdk and api and did get anything relevant. I'm hopeing the others here know a better place to search or all ready know something about this program.

program telnet control for vista media center and cyberlink power dvd

15 December 2008 - 01:08 PM

I have a need to control windows media center and when i put a bluray disc in to control cyberlink dvd.

I want to be able to control all features of media center and get feedback when playing a dvd so i know the name of the disc and the chapters

When bluray is launched from media center i then need to be able to do the same control as the dvd and get the name and chapter time info.

All of this needs to be controled through a telnet interface.

Let me know if you need more info, then i need to know how long and how much money (flat rate) would be required to do this.

how do i emulate windows key?

26 November 2008 - 02:55 PM

I am making a program that will take commands from a remote computer using telnet and then execute keyboard presses on the machine running the program.

the main goal is to control a few video programs such as vmc and power dvd from another computer.

there are a few commands that require the windows key such as to start vmc. I have searched to find a solution but can't find anything that explains how to accomplish this only pieces.

Here is the code so far.

using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Net;
using System.Net.Sockets;
using System.Text;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Threading;
using System.Windows.Forms;

class MyTcpListener
    public static void Main()
        TcpListener server = null;
            // Get host name
            String strHostName = Dns.GetHostName();
            Console.WriteLine("Host Name: " + strHostName);

            // Find host by name
            IPHostEntry iphostentry = Dns.GetHostByName(strHostName);

            // Enumerate IP addresses
            int nIP = 0;
            // Set the TcpListener on port 50000.
            Int32 port = 50000;
            // TcpListener server = new TcpListener(port);
            server = new TcpListener(iphostentry.AddressList[nIP], port);

            // Start listening for client requests.

            // Buffer for reading data
            Byte[] bytes = new Byte[256];
            String data = null;

            // Enter the listening loop.
            while (true)
                Console.Write("Waiting for a connection... ");

                // Perform a blocking call to accept requests.
                // You could also user server.AcceptSocket() here.
                TcpClient client = server.AcceptTcpClient();

                data = null;

                NetworkStream stream = client.GetStream();
                string sendmsg;


                sendmsg = "Type \"continue\" to go on or \"quit\" to stop: \r\r";
                byte[] msg = System.Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(sendmsg);
                stream.Write(msg, 0, msg.Length);
                string myInput;
                StreamReader streamReader = new StreamReader(client.GetStream());
                string line = streamReader.ReadLine();
                switch (line)
                    case "continue":
                        System.Windows.Forms.SendKey(70, 18, 1); 
                        goto decide;
                    case "string":
                        Console.WriteLine("auto input detected\r");
                        goto decide;
                    case "quit":
                        Console.WriteLine("Your input {0} is incorrect.", data);
                        goto decide;
                // Shutdown and end connection
        catch (SocketException e)
            Console.WriteLine("SocketException: {0}", e);
            // Stop listening for new clients.

[nweb question] i need guidence on tutorials and documentation

20 November 2008 - 01:25 PM

Hello Everyone,

I need to learn how to:
1) Build a program that runs as a service.
2) Has a telnet port that waits for a connection.
3) Listens for commands over the telnet or com1(serial)
4) Will take these commands and translates them to a keyboard key press to which ever program is open (focus).

I know i need to learn more about C# before i should really be doing this, but I'm on a time line that doesn't allow me to yet. I have searched the forums as well as Google but i can't seem to find anything.

I was hoping someone here could tell me what books, websites, or anything to read to accomplish this mission.

If someone could start it or do this for me, please pm or email me with what you want in return.

creating a service to control VMC

18 November 2008 - 05:03 PM

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take a second to introduce myself as well as get a better idea for where i should go as to what language i should be using for a project i have.

I program smart homes using Crestron. Crestron has a programing language similar to C+. Anyways i had someone ask me to make a interface for thier Bluray media server to talk to crestron. Well he doesn't have anything running on the machine to accept and give commands other than a infrared receiver for media center.

I need to add a service that runs on the machine at all times and listens for a connection via ethernet using a telnet type interface and on a serial port. Then i would be sending commands to vista media center and cyberlink power dvd when media center calls for it. Would C++ be a beter solution for this?

I am looking into if i can send and get commands to the programs directly, or if i have to use key presses (i.e. hit "p" on the keyboard for play). Is there a way to make a patch for the program to have a more reliable way to send and receive information from these?

I was looking into C# because so far there seems to be more support for it. I could be wrong though since i've just started out.

Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.


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