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intro-new programmer

27 October 2008 - 06:03 AM

hi to everyone...well i just joined the forum...i studied physics in the university of athens in Greece, and now i attend a master course in automation. in physics department i had been barely familiarized with the basics in fortran and pascal, 2 languages that now aren't so popular for programmers...well now in master course i'm obliged for some lessons to make programms in pascal, and c.i just started to learn c,and keep trying to improve my basics in pascal...so i'm going to need a little extra help!;)

sparce array in pascal-SOS

27 October 2008 - 05:50 AM

hi to everyone...i would you to help me because i'm a newb in pascal and i have a homework to do till wednesday, thursday i must give the program to my professor...he wants us to write down a code in pascal so as to build a sparce array that we will after use it as base to build a spanning tree...we have already done a single list with one pointer looking the next record in list and after that we put another pointer that looks opposite, so we made a double linked list.now he wants us to make a sparse array only with the non-zero elements that will have lists: for the rows and for the columns and wants 4 pointers in each list up,down,next,previous..we must also make the program in away that recognizes what happens when we have an interception point. for example in the a[i,j] element that is non zero how the element is linked with the i-st row kai j-st column, to include dispose command because he says that we will need it for the spanning tree etc.can anyone send me the code in a txt or pas file, so that i can understand how the program is built???thanx everyone for your time...

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