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Brandon W

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Returned V2

07 July 2012 - 11:42 PM

Evening all!

This is my 'Returned' thread and by looking around, there is many new members, many changes at CodeCall (or should I say CODECALL?) from what I remember at least... Interesting to see and looking at coming back to my old Internet home :)

As you can see from my posts, use to be fairly active despite most of those posts actually being in the Lounge, wrote a few blog posts (which Jordan encouraged many, many times), a few tutorials here and there, the favourite among them was the jQuery series.

Back then though, my programming skills were in the minority among the members here considering I was only 15 or so then. Now, I've actually managed to get into University studying Software Engineering, currently in my second year and loving every minute of it! Well, except the all nighters anyway haha :)

Learned quite a bit and it has pushed me back to this programming community. Like minded people full of knowledge that they wish to share! So, instead of posting something about me, if you'd like to get to know my immature self a little bit better:
Ask me: Brandon (read through the new Guidelines and didn't see anything wrong with linking to threads at Codecall... So, please let me know if there is a change I've missed).

However... I plan to re-build and show my more matured, programmer self now so time to browse the forums and get posting :) Let's hope I get to know you all better and contribute to this new community.

Take care,

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