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what is the problem with this matlab code?

30 March 2009 - 01:05 AM

function playMovie(filename)

obj = mmreader(filename);
vidFrames = read(obj);
numFrames = get(obj, 'numberOfFrames');
% reading each frame
for k=1:numFrames
    img(k).cdata = vidFrames(:,:,:,k);
    img(k).colormap = [];
 % Playing the movie
movie(img, obj.FrameRate);

% displying a move frame
%f = fix(numFrames/2);

for m=1:numFrames

Hello guys, this code hopefully will subtract the image from the previous one. This code gives an error at the very beginning, while the function suppose the ask me a video file it gives an error. I could not understand why.
Thank you for help

visual dsp

15 November 2008 - 01:33 PM

Hello guys, As final project, I want say say something to microphone and it will be ehard from the left speaker and it will go to the right speaker not immediately, assume a car it moves from left to right.

in my process data, i wrote a function which will decrease the left speaker's volume while right speaker's volume increasing. however, it has a problem with incrementing. I also have doubts as well, because i still could not figure out that whether, this for function will move very fast, so i her the voice very fast, so i want to also put a timer. so i can control the cars speed.( my voices) while moving left to right.

if some one help me i would be glad. thanks alot;

Process data,

#include "Talkthrough.h"
#include "math.h"
void Process_Data(void)

iChannel0LeftOut = iChannel0LeftIn;
iChannel0RightOut = iChannel0RightIn;
iChannel1LeftOut = iChannel1LeftIn;
iChannel1RightOut = iChannel1RightIn;

void bounce(void)

int y;
float gl;
float gr;
float Leftin;
float Leftout;
float Rightin;
float Rightout;
float Rightout1;
float Leftout1;
float Rightout2;
float Leftout2;



for(y=-90; y<=90; y+=1)

gl=( (sin(90)*cos(y)+sin(y)*cos(90)) / (2*sin(90)*cos(y)) );
for(x=gl; x<=gl; x+=1)

iChannel0LeftIn = iRxBuffer1[INTERNAL_ADC_L0];
iChannel0RightIn = iRxBuffer1[INTERNAL_ADC_R0];





the delay function is not ready


18 September 2008 - 07:02 PM

John | Please use the [quote],
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Hello guys, 
I am new at the forum, hello to everyone.

I have a class Microcomputer Systems 1, we are using the board BF533.
I need to learn some codes what we use for?
Flag Set (FIO_FLAG_S), 
Flag Clear (FIO_FLAG_C)
Flag Toggle (FIO_FLAG_T)
the Flag Data

thnx alot

[B]John | [COLOR="Red"]Please use the [quote], [code=auto:0], [php] when appropriate. Your post has been modified to reflect how we would like it.

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