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marwex89's Blog > Can I haz castz?

Posted 12 October 2009

Inspired by Zekes passionate blogging here, I decided to write a blog. On a topic that I think deserves a bit of thought... *drumroll* Casting in C++.

Oh yeah. It's pretty, eh?
const int i = 10;
char* c = reinterpret_cast(const_cast(&i));
If coming from a C background you are likely to have a face expression similar to this: :scared: -...

marwex89's Blog > A Pain in the A$$

Posted 10 August 2009

Life has been a pain in the a$$ lately. Literally. The only chair I used at my desk and computer was an old, stiff kitchen chair. Ouch. Today, though, I went to a furniture shop. I am sure I had a weird look on my face coming out of there, as I had just bought the most expensive office chair the shop had to offer... :w00t:

That probably makes me sound...

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