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C++ pointers, references and Dynamic Memory... oh my :(

31 July 2018 - 02:08 PM



coming back from a long long break due to career and personal changes in my life, my goal to learn C++ is all more on top of my list to do this year, especially learn c++ to use unreal game engine, why... to make games for fun.


so, i get the syntax, and all the cool things c++ has to offer than java/C#, however one of the biggest things (and there are other tops/features to c++ that i will soon encounter), is challenging and hard to grasp is, pointers, references and dynamic memory.


i get it, like writing the syntax, using it in console command etc., but my big question is WHY? why ever use pointers, references and dynamic memory? why ever use it, when you can easily write a c++ program with out them right? can anyone explain (dumb it down if you can), why we should use pointers, references and/or dynamic memory, would you use it still in a actual job? actual application, or is it nice to have, or a requirement to have?


examples will help me as an idiot, big thanks in advance :)

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