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Xav's Blog > Weapons Wiki

Posted 05 February 2009


Xav's Blog > Web slideshow in JavaScript

Posted 22 July 2008


C'est moi, Xav. Let's take a break from .NET for a little while,
and try out some web design instead. When you're making a site,
especially a personal site, you often need to display multiple
pictures. However, we need to choose the best way to make them, to
ensure both compatibility and appearance meet the standards.In
the old days of...

Xav's Blog > Web slideshow in JavaScript PART II

Posted 22 July 2008


Xav's Blog > Simple Painting Program in VB.NET

Posted 21 July 2008

Code samples are in Visual Basic.NET, but directly apply to C# as well. Replace "Me" with "this" if you are using C#.

Hi again. Let me tell you all about .NET - no, OK, I've already bored you. Now we'll look at something so cool - the System.Drawing namespace, and particularly, GDI+.The code within Windows that handles drawing things is known as...

Xav's Blog > The Windows Registry

Posted 11 July 2008


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