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im the :amr: > worst day in my life...

Posted 16 September 2009

yesterday i was extremely excited to take the ZCE certification(php), ive been studying and preparing for it for two months.
i read 3 books, parts of the php manual, and w3schools. i was really happy while studying and learning new stuff, i exposed myself to new fields ive never tried like XML, Streams and web services.
when i decided to take the exam and...

im the :amr: > Programming and aging

Posted 21 August 2009

currently i do freelancing with a partner of mine and we have noticed that most employers and managers require programmers and web-developers to be young and fresh.
at first it seemed weird because who would make use of a web-developer with zero experience?! few words came into my mind; creativity, easy to change their minds, cost less money, lack of...

im the :amr: > i have a confession....

Posted 21 April 2009

lately i had to use ASP.NET after i have dumped it and replaced it with php because i cant use PHP in a college project...and...i actually starting to like it(again).
phew that was a relief, learning PHP was awesome because i learned other stuff beside it like JS and AJAX, i hated ASP.NET because i thought it was too complex for my application and the...

im the :amr: > Group-Study SUCKS!

Posted 04 April 2009

have you ever felt that all your class mates are pulling you back on a certain subject? specially subjects like programming. i did!
which made me wonder: is studying a programming language better off alone??
i shout YES!, for me programming is personal issue because its like an endless exploration in the jungle stopping for a break wont help me go further....

im the :amr: > adding dynamic HTML elements with JS

Posted 11 February 2009


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