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New Place To Submit Your Forum Or Message Board

10 June 2008 - 08:23 PM

After 2 months of set up, design, and custom coding and script writing we officially launched The Biggest Boards at The Biggest Boards - Size Matters

The Biggest Boards is the #1 ranking resource for online forums and message boards. There are a few different sections of the site, all aimed at being resources for message board and forum owners AND helping to create positive links and positive SEO ranking.

The Biggest Boards site consists of the following main features:

1. The Biggest Boards List. This fully automated list shows the ranking of every board and forum on the internet. It is very simple. You submit your Board using the Submit Form and within 6 hours your site will appear on the list showing the current amount of member and posts. The list updates about every 6 hours automatically and any changes will be recorded. It is FREE to submit and there are NEVER backlinks required to submit your forum or message board.

Here is what makes this new site/list/directory unique. The Biggest Boards accepts Message Boards and Forums of ALL SIZES. Whether you have 1 post or 100,000,000 posts, we want you on our list. The key feature is that you can filter the list by a variety of post levels or features (category, software type). That way you can see where your Board ranks within the current level your board is at. You will not be buried 100’s of pages back on a list that only caters to the largest boards. Just choose the post filter your site is currently in and see where you rank!

2. The Biggest Boards Webmaster Forums. These full featured forums will be constantly growing and are a one stop location for resources, information, post and link exchanges, site development, and much more to help you successfully run your Board and site.

3. The Biggest Boards blog!

Thank you again and we hope you find The Biggest Boards a resource for your forum’s development and growth.

If you have any questions please post them here or on the site.

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