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xXHalfSliceXx's Blog > Wednesday July 1, 2009

Posted 01 July 2009

So today has been a somewhat uneventful day.

Jordan as always is posting in my Q&A, and I am finnaly answering.

This place has gone so far. The new template that is being worked on, if it ever gets finished, is going to be great!!! *hint* *hint* *hint*

LoL. Im just pokin. I have been looking at some easier modification stuff. But its cool.

The addition...

xXHalfSliceXx's Blog > Speaking of Monitors

Posted 30 April 2009

So we were talking about how monitors affect your eyes, from CRTS to LCDs.

And I remembered hearing about Alienwares curved monitor last year. It was supposed to release the 2nd 1/2 of 2008. Just wondering if anyone has seen it in action?

I mean a Super widescreen 42" monitor... *Drool*

xXHalfSliceXx's Blog > Do you have IAD?

Posted 06 April 2009

Internet Addiction Disorder - http://en.wikipedia....iction_disorder

I have been thinking about this topic for the past few months.

How addicted are you to the internet.

There are lots of sites out there with quizzes and whatnot.

I think they did a study last year about the decreasing amount of time the "average male"...

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