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WP's Tech Blog > Programming Can Help You Learn Foreign Languages

Posted 01 July 2012

One of my most recent projects is learning Japanese. What can I say? I love anime, but would rather not have to read English subtitles. Crazy, right?

Anyway, it turns out that Japanese basically uses postfix notation instead of infix notation for their sentences.  What do I mean by that? In English, we say things like "I kicked the ball." In...

WP's Tech Blog > Book Review: Php Ajax Cookbook

Posted 08 April 2012

I recently finished reading my first "cookbook" style programming book: PHP Ajax Cookbook: http://www.packtpub....0-cookbook/book . This is my first cookbook review, so I thought I'd start by clarifying what this is and is not. It is not a textbook-style book, similar to...

WP's Tech Blog > Thoughts on being a moderator

Posted 11 February 2012

Dunno why I'm posting this one, but what the heck?

One of the things I've been doing for several years now is being a moderator for this site. Occasionally, someone will join who is eager to join the ranks of moderators. Other times, we grow enough where we need to add one or two more members to our ranks. Regardless, there seems to be no awareness that...

WP's Tech Blog > Book Review: Java The Complete Reference, 7th Edition

Posted 03 December 2011

Welcome to a book I will never recommend to someone who wants to start learning how to program with Java: http://www.amazon.co...22920795&sr=1-2 . This books is a great example of how you will change the types of books you want for learning as you progress. ...

WP's Tech Blog > Wikis: a skill?

Posted 29 September 2011

I've run into something recently, and it's started me wondering: is using a wiki a skill that isn't normally taught?

For reference, I've posted on around 4 different wikis, including MediaWiki (private server), Hatta Wiki, and TiddlyWiki. In each case, after poking around at documentation on formatting markup, I've quickly started using it to organize my...

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