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Jquery .hasClass not returning true for a classname

jquery html table

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Posted 13 October 2018 - 12:15 PM

Hey there people, 


i am encountering an error somewhere with a script i have written. so ive turned to this forum for some guidance.....


in a page im working on at the moment i have a table that is populated with data from a mysql database. when the DOM is ready i attatch a .click event handler to the table row in the table - the aim is to allow the user to select a row which will then give it the class 'selected' and enable a button with a dropdown menu with tasks that can be performed on the selected object, eg. delete, edit, view, mark complete. 


the issue that i have come across is that when i select a row, it adds the class 'selected' to it and enables the button, but if i click on it again instead of emulating a deselect (removing the class 'selected' and disabling the button) it does nothing at all. 


i have added console.log lines to the script to show me where the script is going on certain points and to log whether hasClass is returning true when i check for 'selected' in the class of the table row that is being clicked on. but each time i click on it i get a return of false.. i really dont know why its doing it as the DOM clearly shows that the table row has the class 'selected'


i have created a jsfiddle to help with this issue and it is doing the same there too... 




i hope someone can point out any errors with the script as i cant see where i am going wrong.... :( 


thanks in advance

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