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Specific code outsourcing

outsourcing conditions

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Posted 01 May 2016 - 12:35 PM

Hey guys, new here. :)
I have a question about the programming market. As I've heard, specialization is the key to getting a job in this field. Knowing "a little bit of everything" is not so suitable for most companies.


I'm wondering to how far an extent this is true. Judging by my experiences in school, there's one specific kind of task I seem to be very good at, compared to the rest of my fellow students, and maybe even some of my teachers, namely, programming methods with a lot of logic and conditions. I'll give you a few examples from my school work just to give you the idea of what I mean:


a) Programming the rules for which squares a given chess piece can move to

B) Programming methods for splitting an HTML-file into 1) comment tags and their contents, 2) other tags, and then 3) the latter's contents (in this method, you also need to check for special cases like double and single quotation marks, backslashes, etc)

c) Building up PHP variables bit by bit when they're supposed to contain SQL code or HTML code inside them, which can become confusing for many people because of all the "levels of thinking", etc

So what happened in these cases was that other people in my group made the UI and dummy methods, and I would make these kinds of methods, which the others were almost afraid to venture into because they thought they were too complex.

Do you think that there are any companies whose work is large enough that they could employ me to do just these kinds of tasks? Since I think (I might be wrong too of course) I can do these kinds of tasks a lot faster than most programmers, this could be very mutually beneficial if any company could "outsource" a big enough amount of these tasks to me. I would enjoy it very well. 

I wouldn't be demanding an enormous wage for a job of this kind, at least not by Norwegian standards, but my fear is that these kinds of jobs could be outsourced cheaper to India and stuff like that, where the living wage is much lower? Anyone else have any experience with this kind of specialized jobs? 

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