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Broken Stick Probability Please Help.


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Posted 29 February 2016 - 09:01 AM

The basic problem: If a stick is broken randomly into three pieces, what is the probability that the three pieces can be arranged end-to-end to form a triangle?


My issue is I need to write a program to solve the above in Just Basic.... I don't know anything about Just Basic.... I have looked at the Just Basic forums and googled tutorials with no luck... not even sure if I am anywhere near right...


This is what I have so far but i keep getting errors and I don't know why.


length = 1
For i = 1 To n_iter
    x = Rnd()
    y1 = Rnd()
    y = y1 * (length - x)
    z = length - (x + y)
    If (is_triangle(x, y, z)) Then
        n_favourable = n_favourable + 1
    End If
Next i
Function is_triangle(a As Double, b As Double, c As Double)
is_triangle = 0
If (a < b + c And b < a + c And c < a + B) Then
    is_triangle = 1
End If
End Function

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