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raptor intro programming newb

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Posted 21 February 2016 - 01:19 AM

Below are guidelines for posting a good programming question. Delete it before posting your topic!

Guidelines to starting a good question topic:

- Please wrap code tags around your code for better readability. You can add the tag by clicking on the <> icon in the WYSIWYG toolbar
- Be clear about your question (background, language, etc.)
- Tell us what you have tried and done already
- Tell us what errors you're encountering
- Don't expect us to code something for you. We are here to help you, not do your work.


Hi, I am in the first 5 weeks of programming and it seems like every week my teacher adds just a little bit of extra programming to make my life that much more difficult. I have a program due tomorrow at midnight and I have been racking my brain for hours on end.


This is written in the Raptor Program, I need Pseudocode and flowchart due tomorrow. Willing to pay for help, I just cannot fail this class, and I've already missed one assignment that was worth 100 points of my grade.


Hotel occupancy: 

a hotel's occupancy rate is calculated as follows: 

occupancy rate = number of rooms occupied / total number of rooms 

Write a program that calculates the occupancy rate for each floor of the hotel and the entire hotel. 

The program should: 

1. ask for the number of floors in the hotel. 

2. use a while loop to make sure the number of floor is greater than or equal to one. Display an error message and get a new input when the number of floor is less than 1. 

3. Use another loop to iterate once for each floor. During each iteration, the loop should ask the user for the number of rooms on the floor and the number of rooms that are occupied on that floor. Then the loop calculate and display the occupancy rate for that floor using the formula above. 

For example: A hotel has 4 floors. 

Floor 1: 100 rooms, 60 occupied. Then the occupancy rate for floor 1 is 0.60. 

Floor 2: 150 rooms, 90 occupied. Then the occupancy rate for floor 2 is 0.60 

Floor 3: 60 rooms, 50 occupied. Then the occupancy rate for floor 3 is 0.86 

Floor 4: 90 rooms, 45 occupied. The the occupancy rate for floor 4 is 0.50 

Requirements: pseudocode and flowchart
The part in Bold is what is killing me. I can get the program to do the occupancy rate, simple.... I don't know how to make the program iterate once for each floor and then display the occupancy rate for each floor.
Please help!!
chris ยท 1 sec ago


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