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Draw an ellipse around detected blob in foreground using MATLAB

matlab imageprocessing ellipse

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Posted 11 November 2015 - 11:41 AM

Hi i'm trying to draw an ellipse around the detected blob after extracting foreground. Herewith i'm attaching my code,but it gives an error while i attempt to draw the ellipse.It will be a great help if someone can help me to fix this code,.

function fg_drawn = DrawEllipse(fg,centroids,thetas,rhos)

fg_drawn = fg;

NumOfFrames = length(fg);

t = 0:.01:2*pi;

for frameIndex = 1:NumOfFrames

theta = thetas(frameIndex);

b = 60;
a = b / rhos(frameIndex);

h = centroids(frameIndex,1);
k = centroids(frameIndex,2);

x = h + cos(theta)*(a*cos(t)) - sin(theta)*(b*sin(t));
y = k + sin(theta)*(a*cos(t)) + cos(theta)*(b*sin(t));

for c = 1:length(x)
fg_drawn{frameIndex}(round(y(c)) , round(x(c)) ) = 0.5;

fg_drawn{frameIndex}( round(centroids(frameIndex,2)) , round(centroids(frameIndex,1)) ) = 0.5;


m file

clear all
disp('Loading Video..');

v = VideoReader('test.avi');

video1 = read(v,[10 inf]);
video1 = mat2cell(video1, size(video1,1), size(video1,2), size(video1,3), ones(1,size(video1,4)) );
disp('Extracting Foreground..');
fg = extractForeground(video1,30,4,0);
disp('Eliminating Noise from Foreground..');
disp('Evaluating Motion History Image of the video..');
motion_history = MHI(fg_smooth);
disp('Determining Ellipse Statistical Properties..');
**c = centroid(fg_smooth);
[thetas rhos] = OrientEccent(fg, c);**
fg_drawn = DrawEllipse(fg_smooth,c,thetas,rhos)
[fg_drawn,thetas,rhos] = EllipseMain(fg)

[sigma_t sigma_r c_motion] = statistics(thetas, rhos, motion_history);

title('Ellipse Detection');

maxTheta = max(sigma_t);
gaussianFilter = fspecial('gaussian', [9, 9], 3.8);

for t = 1:(length(sigma_t)-5)
if(c_motion(t) > 0.65 && sigma_t(t) >= 0.9*maxTheta)
disp('FALL DETECTED!!');
imshow(imfilter(video1{t+5}, gaussianFilter));

when i run this code the error i get is

 Attempted to access fg_drawn.%cell(134,0); index must be a positive integer or logical. Error in DrawEllipse (line 33) fg_drawn{frameIndex}(round(y©) , round(x©) ) = 0.5;

since error itself says that index must be a positive integer i tried several ways to prevent x or y from going negative. But nothing worked.i still can't get the plot of ellipse around the detected blob.

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