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Need a little help with project


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#1 bigboy


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Posted 24 August 2015 - 07:27 AM

Hi Folks, don't often post here, but I'm kind of, well, "stuck".


I have a pretty decent starting framework for a baseball game that I used to help teach myself to work with C#. Mind you, I only have the simulator simulating a baseball game at the moment, I didn't say it was realistic. Eventually I wouldn't mind starting a business out of it if I worked at it long enough. This is actually the framework for a text sim MMORPG like. Anyone here heard of Goal Line Blitz or the old MMOBaseball that failed several years ago? I started this project a long time ago but gave up because of the complexities of developing a game. But now I want to get back to working on it (Fortunately I saved the old project so I can get it to the last working build). 


However I feel like I need to know what the best do. Right now I'm developing the project with WinForms. Eventually, if I finish this project, I'm planning to convert it into the online simulator that I want it to be.


Now, if I want my project to be successful, I feel like I need to work at a quicker rate. I had previously said that I am working with WinForms, I want to get the engine itself nailed down before I think about the MMORPG part in anyway. I want to write a PC-Based text sim baseball game... I realize coding and fast rate don't mix with each other, but what can I do to make my code more efficient in the future? I'm cool with coding everything by hand, but I just figured there might be GUI toolkits, simulation libraries, or frameworks or code libraries that I need to use to help become a more "professional" project.


One more thing... I just feel like WinForms isn't the right project type to use for developing a professional game... Which project type should I use, winForms or WPF, or what should I use eventually? How do the professionals create their project types for their games?


I want to start a business eventually so I don't want any freebies, I would prefer professional libraries or frameworks.


My baseball MMO is just a dream at the moment, but I understand if you want to troll me for being too ambitious. :-) I want to know what I need to look for when I reach the point I need to get serious and have better looking code.


Sorry for sounding like a newbie, which I am, well, with such a large project to be made.



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#2 bigboy


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Posted 25 August 2015 - 06:33 PM

Can't edit my original post, so I'll have to reply.


1) Perhaps this should be in the Game Development forum.


2) I guess what I'm trying to ask if there's any professional development tools that I should look at that would aid me in the future for developing a project like the one I'm working on. I just feel like I'm missing out on some tools that would help me write faster or more efficiently. I've looked at Torque and Unity but those deal with high end graphics types of games. I'm looking for software that would aid in text simulations.



Edited by bigboy, 25 August 2015 - 06:34 PM.

#3 Tchpowdog


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Posted 11 September 2015 - 10:12 AM

I'm currently in the Alpha stage of a web-based game I developed.  I had to run many simulations to work out kinks in game flow and stuff.  I literally had millions of rows of data from the simulations.  I've also written simulations for Axis & Allies battles, Risk Battles, etc.  Where you input all your units and click "Calculate", the results show percentage wins, units lost, using like 1000 samples.  WinForms and WebForms work great for this if you just need a simple UI.


Keep in mind - simulations tend to be EXTREMELY repetitive.  In other words, depending on your variables, you will see repetitive results quite often.  The reason why I had so much data is because I ran my simulation with thousands of different variables.  From there, I graphed curves and such to get mean averages.  It's a long process...


To my understanding, you want to develop a game based off of your simulation program??  If you're wanting to make a game like that, WebForms is great, imo.  My website has the game "look", it doesn't feel like you're just on a webpage.  But there's a lot of artistic value you'll have to learn there, not to mention, CSS.  It sounds to me like you should make it a website.  What platform you use is up to you.  I use ASP.NET.  A lot of people ** on ASP.NET, but in reality, it's what works best for you.  ASP.NET can do anything you want it to do.

Edited by Tchpowdog, 11 September 2015 - 10:17 AM.

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