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Ios Game Programmer / Project planning help needed

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#1 amoto4640


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Posted 21 September 2012 - 08:05 AM

I'm new to this Forum and I was really amazed to see the number of great programmers under one place.... Hi to all.

About myself & my Team
I've been a game Designer for 10 years now and worked on commercial Projects, Now I have just formed a new Team with my fellow Artist and we want to produce 2 games.

What we are looking for
We are planning to develop a Vertical Shooter as our next Game

A Rough Approximation on the Design
- 5 Stages with Multiple Levels
- 10 - 12 Enemy Types each with its own Shooting and Movement AI
- 5 Mini Bosses with its own Shooting and Movement AI
- 1 Super Boss
- 5 Plane Upgrades with different weapons for the Hero

- Scrolling BGs (BG can be in Tiles or as one tile-able image)
- Bullet Time: Enemies slow down and Hero will be at same speed
- Multiple Bullet Collisions and Explosion as GFX

- Hero Movement: Touch Based - Move the Plane by Touching and dragging it across the Screen, additional shooting / bombing movement will be incorporated once level progresses.
Also I'm contemplating on a gyro based shooting / bombing control for the Plane but not decided yet.

- Bonus Levels, Leaderboard, Health Pickups and Points

What we plan to propose
- We will give full Coding Credits to the Coder in our Published Game.
- As we are a very small Team with not much Funds, we will Pay but we can Pay only Less.
- You can be assured the Game will get published on the App store as that is what we are also banking on.
- We know our Forte is Graphics, so we are confident on the production Quality, also due to the experience we carry.
- Also if we get the Product as visualized, we will be willing to associate in the future for our Next few Games.
- Need to be ported Android later if needed.
- We work on Build based production i.e., First Playable, Alpha, Beta, Gold Master release etc, and not on Agile method….

Some Advice on the Project End
My knowledge on programming: I have just programmed few Puzzle and basic Physics based games on the Brew environment with basic C, when I was in school so I'm totally out of sync with Coding and some advice or tis from experts can help.
Since I'm not much of a Coder and aware of the latest Engines or SDK's I would need some advice from you experts.
- What is the Best that can be achieved in coding wise, can Background be color changed – I mean procedural graphics stuff.
- We are open to suggestions so as to push our design to accommodate something new coding wise but which can also push the Gameplay and make it interesting for the gamer.
- Finally what would You as a coder look from this project, You can be open to us, as we also like to hear how we can be beneficial to the Coder of this Project.

We are looking for an experienced Ios programmer or an experienced Coder.
The only tool we can afford is Corona Sdk from our end, so we are open to a Coder who has experience and predominantly works with Corona and make builds only in Corona.
We are looking for someone who is passionate and a bit flexible to design changes if any required during the production.

Yeah and sorry for such a long post…. :)
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#2 BenW


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Posted 23 September 2012 - 02:37 PM

I strongly recommend posting some sample graphics so potential programmers can see the quality of your work. It makes it much easier to find collabs if everyone can see how good your work is before you start making anything :)
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#3 programmingservices


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Posted 25 September 2012 - 04:46 AM

Do you need to deploy an individual (freelancer) only or you are open to work with a company too? Buzz me via message if you are open for the later.
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