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How government spy on you

surveillance encryption

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#1 quantlinear


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Posted 20 August 2012 - 05:31 PM

Hi to all,

I am here with an unusual concern that may not interest everyone on here :) but if you are still reading this then here it goes,

1)I have hosting and email addresses that are based in "X" location , I am increasingly concerned with the recent legislation in EU & US that some of my emails with sensitive contents didn't get to the intended recipient while the email was received by the recipient from a usual email address ,"i.g" GMAIL . the emails were sent under the domains that were registered under the current hosting.

2)I am increasingly feeling irritable and suspicious of unknown,unknown that may already watching my browsing activity,(Video calling& voice calling) on some of popular platforms , there may be a bit of state of paranoia in all of the above that are unfolding issues front of my eyes, but i feel seriously threaten from certain sources that i am unable to see at this moments. i am searching desperately to find technical knowledge to eliminate the spider web that caused me great insecurity and anxiety to continue with my work , otherwise i have to abandon my plans which i don't want.

I am in need of sound professional advice in regard of , available hardware, software, to overcome the above problems. I believe my emails were "hacked, stolen, diverted" through the web hosting provider without my knowledge.since that incident i am alarmed.

Because of the nature of the activity i have been involved, the probabilities of i may end up prosecuted and persecuted are not far fetched. therefore i need to be sure of the advice that i will be receiving on here , it should provide and elevate security on the related matters to on line activity. I am open to any idea that may even give me a better understanding of method that may be used by my foe to intercept or listen to my voice calls.

I have been thinking to move the current hosting location "X" to "Russia " to avoid further accessibility of the host country to my emails. although the "X" location is quiet far from where i am currently living but then the browsing activity become an major issue and security concern which i have been thinking of "VPN" server at my own place or an offshore "server" provider in Location "Russia ".

concerning the Linux system that some of you could give sound advise , could you elaborate a bit on Linux , by specifying of how should i integrate a "linux" system to what ,...,exactly ..and how could i do that ?. for instance some of the web hosting in Russia offer windows or linux.

There are also some tailored services offered on these sites that i am unsure if that would provide a security concerning my IP address, and general browsing , emails, etc


I am still unsure of the limitations and complexity of the methods that i may have to learn as a part of security tools & procedures . also i am unfamiliar with due diligence in this field. Assume that i am unable to do complicated task without written manual or some kind of clear guidance. also my budget limitation has affected my options ,therefore i have been trying to find reliable sources that mainly could offer partial advise (Technical, software, consultant) then the discussed solutions could be turned to action by myself.

Finally ,would you think , encryption applications, strength the overall of the security of my activities. if yes how could i integrate this to my inbound-outbound. how would i be able to hide my IP address which the hosting site in location "x" has a record of it . how could i secure my outgoing and incoming communications without leaving any trace ? is there anyway to become "anonymous" while freely continue to my work.

I would appreciate all of your help and many thanks for reading the above long description. I await for your replies.

Kind Regards,

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#2 matrixfox


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Posted 21 August 2012 - 08:00 AM

Your a victim of your own imaginary! Sounds like a bad DNS setup? Are you looking into a VPS, or a Dedicated Server? The reason I ask: you cannot buy hardware for Virutal Private Servers. Just a rugged firewall setup and, staying up-to-date on everything. Linux vs Windows, this issue goes around, and around! I personally will never touch a WAMP server, enough said on that! Sorry, I don't understand your question. What operating system to use? CentOS, Ubuntu, It goes down hill from there.

Have you tried CloudFlare.com and the Dome9 app that comes free with it? This is a free/cheap way to add a hyperactive firewall behind their hardware, on a simple VPS. They have a magic ip service that reroutes port 80 behind CloudFlares proxies, regardless.

I wouldn't really trust VPN services, thus they'll sell your info for some macydee's.
Also, I think our goverment have bigger fish to fry. *cough, Barack Obama, cough*
It's morons that make spyware you should be worried about...

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#3 WingedPanther73


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Posted 28 August 2012 - 07:48 AM

It sounds like you have just enough knowledge of how the Internet works to be paranoid, but not enough to know what to be paranoid about.

General rule of thumb: any data that is NOT on you computer is potentially accessible by others. Any data that is not encrypted, and not on your computer is definitely accessible by others. With that said, if you're worried about people knowing that you go to a given site, your best bet is to not go to that site. If you're worried about emails being read, use PGP or something similar to encrypt them.
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#4 lespauled


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Posted 28 August 2012 - 09:19 AM

are you the same person that posted this on CodeProject? You got your answer on how paranoid you are there.
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