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Forum Updates: streamlined forums, improved reputation system, etc

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Posted 18 August 2012 - 09:37 PM

A couple of updates to the site that you should be aware of:

Reorganized Forums

we have been wanting to clean up some of the sub-forums for a while by folding them into other "more popular" forums. Over the years, we've setup sub-forum based on suggestions, and while some of them flourished, others never quite take off. By merging them, we're hoping that users will find the merged forums to be more active and easier to participate in.

For the reorganization, we moved all "CODECALL-specific" forums into the "CODECALL" category. We also consolidated most of the community discussion groups (general programming, intro, member projects, etc.) into General Discussions. The programming sections stayed the same. And the tutorial section got expanded so that users can get to the proper language directly from the board index.

Settings Menu

navi settings.PNG

I saw this on another site and thought that it's really useful, so I implemented it for CC. From the Settings drop-down, you can access many of your common administrative features. You can also get to these from the profile drop-down (by default)

New Reputation System

Previously, we were using a "Like" system for reputation. With the Like system, you can only give positive reps. This is great to keep the topics on a positive slant. However, as we all know, for a technical site such as ours, there are "good" posts and "bad" posts. And those bad posts should be pointed out so that subsequent readers can know what to follow and what not to.

On the bottom of each post, you will now see rep button.PNG instead of the "Like" button. You can vote on each post and the poster's reputation point will be reflected accordingly.

The new reputation system will be part of the new rep, rank and membership system that will be introduced soon. With the new system, we'll be able to properly use the rep/rank/membership system on CODECALL to distinguish our valuable users.

Hopefully, you will find these changes helpful for you as you use the forum. If you have any feedback, please leave them below or in the Feedback forum.
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