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Text Based Online Game In The Setting Of Game Of Thrones

mmo rpg project

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Posted 15 July 2012 - 12:07 PM

Hello there,

I've always wanted to create a text-based online game, though if you crawled the web, you should have noticed that there are tons of criminal-alike text based online games.
I'm sick of them! I want to create something new! IMO There aren't that many fantasy games online.( speaking of games where you can fight monsters, gain levels and items.)

3D MMORPG's dominate at this moment the market, though I want to get the MMORPG game feeling into a text based browser game. Why would people play the text based version instead of a nice 3D setting? Well I want to make the game in a way, that a player doesnt need to spend all his time into the game. He should check his Character once in a while, and needs to wait a specific time (based on level etc) before he can make another action move. This way, players can combine playing our game with other things. They can play a MMO at school, work, while watching tv etc, without actually needing full concentration.

The plan is to make a fantasy game, based on a own created world, though I'd like to inherit some of the idea's from the game of thrones, for example,there should be houses, there is a kingdom and 1 king. The kingdom is devided in a fiew territories which are owned by a Lord. Players start at a random house, without a function, they can fight monsters, trade goods, farm, mine, forge etc..
They can apply for a function( a soldier function for example) then the Lord of the territory for which he applied, has to accept it.

I already thought about alot, too much to share in this simple post, though I need to rethink alot and some parts simply dont seem to fit.

Here your help might come in handy. I need people who are willing to help develop, test, draw, think about, .. the project.

Why should you do this?
I'm planning to make this game completely free2play, so basically you wont get paid, neither am I! I have to admit that I'm not an expert in php/css/mysql at all, Though I guess I'm intermediate. I see this project as a fun way to improve my skills and to add something to my portfolio, so later I can show off that I participated in making a huge RPG game. Everybody who commits to this project will get his name nicely displayed on the developers list, with the tasks he did etc.

What am I looking for?
Php/CSS/MySQL developers, As I said before, I'm not an expert myself, so Im not really looking for an expert who can make this kind of game eaily in a few days of time on his own. I'm looking for intermediate programmers who know the syntax of php/css/mysql, and who are willing to learn, an important factor that you SHOULD know or atleast check out if you are planning to join: php ecurity measures: protecting vs sql injections, xss etc..

How will we operate?
I'll try to fix an IRC channel, email and actually I was hoping for some skype calls too, my english ain' perfect at all, but I think talking to eachother is ways more comprehensive and faster then writing.

How can I join?
Just pm me on the forum or reply in this topic.

Hope you are thrilled to join :)

Kind regards,

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