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Help with email form using PEAR


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#1 elliottveares


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Posted 19 November 2011 - 05:11 PM

Hi, I found some PHP code of the internet that sends data from a form in an email using pear. It works - well nearly, the email sends ok but the email i revive does not have any of the data from the from.

Here is the html part of the form





<form name="contactform" action="send_form_email.php" method="post">

	<!-- The following line specified which fields are required. List

	field names EXACTLY as they are named in the form. -->

	<input type="hidden" name="Required" value="Name,Email,Phone,Comments">

	<p>Name: <input name="Name" size="25"> <span class="small">required</span></p>

	<p>Company: <input name="Company" id="Company" size="25"></p>

	<p>E-mail: <input name="Email" size="25"> <span class="small">required</span></p>

	<p>Phone: <input name="Phone" size="25"> <span class="small">required</span></p>

	<p>How you heard of us: <input name="Howheard" size="25"></p>


	<p><textarea name="Comments" rows="5" cols="30"></textarea> <span class="small">required</span></p>

	<p><input type="submit" value="Submit" name="submitform"><input type="reset" value="Reset" name="reset"></p>




And here is the PHP script for it.


	error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);

	$mailTo = "MY GMAIL EMAIL ADDRESS"; // The address that will receive form submissions
	$mailSubject = "christmas"; // Whatever you want
	$mailHost = "ssl://smtp.gmail.com"; // Usually looks like mail.yourhost.com
	$mailPort = "465"; // Usually 25
	$mailAuth = true; // "true" if your mail server requires authentication, "false" if not
	$mailPassword = "MY GMAIL PASSWORD"; // The mail password associated with $mailTo

	$name = $HTTP_POST_VARS['Name'];
	$company = $HTTP_POST_VARS['Company'];
	$email = $HTTP_POST_VARS['Email'];
	$comments = $HTTP_POST_VARS['Comments'];
	$howheard = $HTTP_POST_VARS['Howheard'];
	$reqFields = $HTTP_POST_VARS['Required'];

	$date = date("l jS F Y, g:i A");


		$browser = $HTTP_USER_AGENT;
		$ip = $REMOTE_ADDR;

		// Build the email.
		$body = "            Name: $Name
         Company: $Company
           Email: $Email
           Phone: $Phone
Heard of us from: $howheard
----- Comments -----
            Date: $date
         Browser: $browser
         User IP: $ip";

		$headers["From"]    = $mailTo;
		$headers["To"]      = $mailTo;
		$headers["Subject"] = $mailSubject;
		$params["host"] = $mailHost;
		$params["port"] = $mailPort;
		$params["auth"] = $mailAuth;
		$params["username"] = $mailTo;
		$params["password"] = $mailPassword;

		$mail_object =& mail::factory("smtp", $params);
		$mail_object->send($mailTo, $headers, $body);

        <h1>Thank You</h1>
        <p>Thank you for contacting us.  We will be in touch with you shortly.</p>


So any help is much appreciated to get this working, I would also like the from field in my revived email to be the email entered in in the form.

Help Appreciated: Elliott Veares
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#2 Alexander



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Posted 20 November 2011 - 11:51 PM

Hello Elliott,

Your code uses old global variables, of which are not recommended and may even have been disabled since their deprecation.

$HTTP_POST_VARS['key'] should be the superglobal array $_POST['key']
$REMOTE_ADDR should be the value $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']

The manual references to these superglobals can be reviewed to update your script, see if it runs and post back if not.
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