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My few very important questions on PHP


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#1 sachinsharma1507


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Posted 15 November 2011 - 08:38 PM

Hi my all dear frz here, good morning.
I am a novice programmer in PHP. I just start working. Though I have good basic knowledge in PHP and some other technologies of web development, however i have some questions whose answers i want to know. My experience in IT field has been very bitter. People whether they are colleagues or team leader, don't tell you anything. They don't teach you to solve the problem. That's why I come here because i find a community which is very helpful and friendly. I expect a lot from this friend circle. I have following questions -

1. Is it very necessary to learn and use at least one CMS and one framework? Can we learn more cms and frameworks after knowing at least one? Are all cms and frameworks follow same pattern and styles?
2. Alone PHP is nothing. If we learn cms like joomla or wordpress, then just only mouse clicking is not enough. We have to learn coding also to create plugin or modules.
3. How a psd file is converted into html format? How a html template is converted into joomla template?
4. I know all php frameworks are based on mvc pattern and follow the concept of oops. So should it becomes necessary to learn oops to work with framework.
4. Simple php tutorials like w3schools or tizag don't teach any cms or framwork. So where can i learn these things? I search in google, but manuals are still confusing and tough for a beginner.
5. I heard about free lancing. Please tell me how can i become a successful php freelancer? How much knowledge is required for a free lancer? How the project is taken for working. How the payment is received? I live in India. Then can i have projects in India or have to collect from abroad. How much a free lancer can earn normally. How the designing part will be completed by a php programmer? Will he have to hire a designer or start learning himself?
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#2 WingedPanther73


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Posted 16 November 2011 - 10:04 AM

1. Maybe. It depends on whether your company uses them. You can learn some, one, or none, as needed.
2. That is simply not true. Frameworks are coded in PHP.
3. psd = photoshop
4. Maybe
4. Why do you want to learn the frameworks before learning PHP? Which do you want to learn? Have you checked the documentation for the framework you want to learn?
5. Step 1: stop thinking PHP is about frameworks.
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#3 Vaielab


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Posted 16 November 2011 - 11:10 AM

framework only help you doing stuff.
framework are code that without the framework you will probably have to write it yourself.
So it can help you by giving you more time to write your stuff, since a lot is already written.

But framework isn't absolutly needed, you can do any website without a framework.

mvc pattern & oop are great, but not perfect, don't use them because they are good, use them only if you need them!

psd file is a photoshop file, so you need to open it, cut the image, and with html, css, maybe javascript, and a lot of time, you will convert it into html. For joomla, you have to read some tutorials to know how to do so, it's the only thing but with more restrictions.

simple php tutorial don't teach you about framework because you should always first learn php, and than learn a framework.
And one thing sure, you need to understand the difference between a cms and a framework ( 2 completly different thing)

And freelance, you can start when ever you want to.
You sell yourself, if you take a contract you better know how to do it, or you won't get any other contracts.
You can start with simple website, than go bigger with time.
There is no laws in freelance, you have to deal everything with your client, so how you get paid, how much hours you do, what you have to do... all of it you need to negociated it everytime.
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#4 SoN9ne


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Posted 16 November 2011 - 12:35 PM

IMO, you should get better acquainted with PHP, PHP design patterns, OOP, and security.
This will only help you become a better programmer and will eventually help you understand the answer to your following questions.

Alone PHP is nothing??? Far from the truth. A framework is simply a library of classes to ease development. Just like clothing, everyone has their favorite brand and style. I prefer to write my own frameworks for my personal projects but I use others depending on the needs of the project. So thorough research on the pros and cons of each framework is helpful but far from mandatory as no framework is mandatory for development ( this obviously varies if your comapny uses a specific framework or if developing in other projects). I have never been a fan of Joomla and I punch anyone who recommends it (sorry Joomla lovers) and Wordpress is okay but it is not a CMS but instead a bloggin platform that has some pretty powerful CMS functionality, it has gotten pretty powerful over the past few years. Joomla, Wordpress, and many other so-called CMS's out there can be used to streamline development but the best way to learn is to start from scratch and research as you go. Also, not all frameworks are based on MVC, only the good ones tend to be.

Freelancing can be good or bad. It depends on how you are. I personally would never do it again. I now let someone else handle the customer relations and I deal with just building out the system. I am not the type to be patient with customers especially since I find that they mostly have no idea what they want and they always want to make core changes during development (which is a big no-no). Some freelancing was fun and you can make a lot of money doing it if you know how to get word out. Just remember to use a contract otherwise you can really screw yourself.

I do not personally deal with PSDs. My office has a developer that will slice it all out and I deal strictly with logic and building the systems. Some companies look for an all-in-one type but I would not do the job of two people unless the pay was right. I deal with programming only, design is another position.

Those sites are great for teaching the basics but use google or read design pattern and OOP practices books to learn how to build a framework. When I built my first framework i used google. I learned a lot but the most I learned from my my experience in developing the framework. Your first framework will not be great but it should get the job done. I wrote about 10 frameworks now, I write a new one every year for fun as a way to push myself and to try out new design patterns and theories. I am a security freak so I actually put security into the core of my frameworks as a way to automate the security and to ease project development. I also built in a debugger into the framework to allow me to see all errors and to get a better understanding of how PHP error handeling works. You need to understand the most common security blunders in PHP as they are really easy to prevent.
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#5 sachinsharma1507


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Posted 16 November 2011 - 08:35 PM

thanx frz
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