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What is Ruby & What is Rails ?? Are they same ????


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Posted 01 June 2011 - 08:20 PM

This is a question which is often asked by a lot of new programmers who wants to get familiar with Rails Development. The answer to this question is No, Ruby and Rails are not the same.



Ruby is a powerful, dynamic and general purpose Object Oriented Programming language. Ruby was conceived in Japan in 1995 by a Japanese Programmer named Yukihiro Matsumoto. He is also called "Matz" by Ruby developers all over the world.

Ruby is not a compiled language like C++, Java, C# etc. Matz decided to create Ruby because he wanted to create a language that balanced functional programming with imperative programming. Matz was looking to create a language which is elegant like Perl , Object Oriented like Python and has some built in features like Smalltalk. Other than these languages it is also inspired by Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp . Also it has been said by community members that it was named "Ruby" as it come out in June and Ruby is the birthstone of June whereas Perl is the birthstone of July and "Perl" came out in July.

Ruby is Open Source (means anybody can download it and use it). The first version of Ruby was 0.95 which came out in December,1995. The current stable version of Ruby is 1.9.2 .


Ruby on Rails often shortened as Rails or ROR is an open source web application framework for the Ruby(Programming Language). Ruby on Rails was extracted by David Heinemeier Hansson from his work on Basecamp (a project management tool by 37signals)

Hansson first released Ruby on Rails as open source in July 2004, but did not share commit rights to the project until February 2005. Ruby on Rails uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture to organize the web application programming.

Ruby on Rails have some great programming features which makes Rails better than other web application frameworks such as CodeIgniter,Django,ColdFusion on Wheels etc. Ruby on Rails include tools that makes web development tasks easier. Ruby on Rails relies on web server to run it and come's packaged with WEBrick but can also run on other web servers like Apache,nGinx etc.

Ruby on Rails makes extensive use of JavaScript libraries Prototype and Script.aculo.us for Ajax. The current stable version of Ruby on Rails is 3.0.7 and is designed to work with Ruby 1.8.6, Ruby 1.9.2. The previous old stable version of Rails was 2.3.3 and was designed to work with Ruby 1.8.6.

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