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Learning Programming (while working towards a goal)


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Posted 06 May 2011 - 01:24 PM

Recently I have considered the idea of making one of them auction pages... yes, another one.
Soon I realized my skills at programming were 0. So I decided to learn what was needed to realize my goal.

I'm looking to use Flash + HTML + SQL.

What I need to know from the community:

1 - Is that the right combination of languages?
2 - Although I don't need tutorials I would really appreciate a kind of roadmap of what I need to do (like first do this, then do that, no need for extensive details)
3 - More importantly (and I don't think I can learn this on my own) what precautions do I have to take? (Eg: Server communicating frequently or constantly with client so the countdowns stay refreshed)

For learning I'll use my computer to simulate the server, of course later I'll rent a dedicated server.
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Posted 06 May 2011 - 02:48 PM

Ok that combination of languages = pretty much nothing

As far as I learned the right combo of lanugages for begginer web designer is XHTML(same as html just more strict and clean,will replace html in near future so I recomand using it),CSS,JavaScript and PHP.After learning those if you wana be "THE Web Designer" you will also want to learn Flash,Ajax,MySql,ASP,Photoshop

The order of learning things should be:

So how do you learn this all stuff?simple and direct.

step 1)
go to google and search for HTM for dummies download.Download that book and read about 120 pages.If you read about 2h/day it will take you about 2 days to read those 120 pages.When you reach the 100-120 pages close the book and throw it in trash cause from that point its useless because it overlooks way too much things.Reading it will get you started and you will be "in the know" of what is HTML how to use it,what can it do etc etc

step 2) go to w3schools.com and go to their tutorial section and choose html.start reading that tutorial about 5 chapters a day will be enough.In few days you will be over with HTML.For HTML 5 dont even bother trying to learn it.All that **** can be done with CSS and PHP and both CSS and PHP you have to learn and you dont need HTML5 cause it is not yet implemented.
Now read XHTML.It has no new funtions.It just explains why it is superior over HTML and how to properly use it

TIP:Ok this is very important tip.As you go you should make yourself one folder on your desktop and as you read book/tutorial everything you see,every function you learn should and must be put to test by your hands.That is the best way to learn stuff(I learned complete 120 pages and whole W3C html section in just 4 days with this method).Also to make your life easier while writing html you should download notepad++(its free,just google it).

Simple,when you are done with HTML just procced onto CSS section of w3schools website.When you are done with CSS you should go on google and maybe find some books about it.Try reading them and utilizing what you read as you go.

TIP:Same as for HTML

Javascript can also be learned on w3schools but it is not enough.As with CSS you should definetly look for some book and try to download em from google.Oreilly has some very good books for all kinds of programing and networking.You should google for oreilly and search for javascript.Find good book and try to get it from google

As with javascript you can learn it on w3schools but it is not even 1/100 part of what PHP really can do.Remember that whole facebook is made in PHP?And as with javascript you should look for some books.Again I recomand oreilly and their books.Books I have noticed are talked about when it comes to PHP are : Learning PHP(Oreilly) and Programming PHP(Oreilly but book was writen buy guy who made PHP)

FOR Photoshop:
You cant learn this on W3C but you can get some very good books on Photoshop.You should google them.One book that can get you started is Photoshop for dummies.

For MySql:
As with PHP and Java w3schools does have tutorials on Mysql but not enough.Again I recomand searching for books in Oreilly shop

For Ajax and ASP:
Totally same as with MySql.look into w3schools and later look into Oreilly books

For making your web pages in all these languages you can use Notepad++
Specially for PHP you can download PHPEdit
For HTML you can download Dreamweaver
For all other as said before use Notepad++ it is great software.

Also I cant stress enough importance of practising as you go.It will enable you to think better about what you are doing and remember it much easily.
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