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Using The ScrollBars On Panels

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Posted 04 January 2011 - 06:22 AM

Hello People!

This is the second part of my how to create an instant messenger script with visual basic and php.

Please read the first part of the lesson before starting it. You can find link in the lesson or you can find it on this forum too :c-smile:

On Last Part We Have Created Our Main Form And Learnt How To Create Controls By Our Codes.

In This Part We Will Learn How To Make It Look Like A Instant Messenger.

At The End Of This Lesson, Our Main Form Will Be Like This;
Posted Image
Okay. So as you see in this picture;

We have some new objects in this lesson.

First, remove our old button and it's functions.

These are;

  • 2 Panels. 1 Of Them Scrollable.
  • 1 Statusbar
Well and i think vbChat name is good for it :)

And i have added read friends from a php file. But it is on next part.

Okay. So We must reforge our form properties first.

So Change them this way;

  • FormBorderStyle -> FixedSingle
  • MaximizeBox -> False
  • Name -> Hello! Welcome To vbChat
Now Create A StatusStrip on your form.

And add a StatusLabel Control to your strip.

Change it's properties like this;

  • Name -> status
  • BackColor -> Control
  • Text -> Status
Now it looks like that;
Posted Image
Okay. Now Create A Panel By These Properties;

  • Name -> header_panel
  • BackColor -> Wheat
  • BorderStyle -> FixedSingle
  • Dock -> Top
  • Location -> 0;0 (Automatically)
  • Size -> 344; 47
Well. Now create 2 Labels on your panel with these properties;

First Label

  • Name -> welcome_label
  • AutoSize -> On (Automatically)
  • Font -> Trebuchet MS; 9,75pt; style=Bold
  • Location -> 11; 8
  • Text -> Welcome To vbChat!
Second Label

  • Name -> buddies_label
  • AutoSize -> On (Automatically)
  • Font -> Trebuchet MS; 9,75pt; style=Bold
  • Location -> 163; 8
  • Text -> Your Buddies;
Okay. Now We Need The Panel Which Our Friends Will Be Shown.

Create A Panel On Your Form.

  • Name -> friends
  • AutoScroll -> True
  • BackColor -> CornflowerBlue
  • BorderStyle -> FixedSingle
  • Dock -> None (Automatically)
  • Location -> 0; 46
  • Size -> 344; 401
Well. It Is Looking Like This Now;
Posted Image
Yes. You dont have Version Label =D

Now We Must Do Some Change In Our Code.

Create a function named add_buddy by these;

Private Function add_buddy(ByVal name As String, ByVal status As String)
 Dim b As New Panel
 b.Location = New System.Drawing.Point(25, (which * 62) + 12)
 which += 1
 b.Name = "Panel" & which
 b.BorderStyle = BorderStyle.FixedSingle
 b.Size = New System.Drawing.Size(290, 50)
 b.TabIndex = which + 1
 b.BackColor = Color.Cornsilk

 Dim c As New Label
 c.Location = New System.Drawing.Point(40, 4)
 c.AutoSize = True
 Dim font As New Font("Trebuchet MS", 10, FontStyle.Regular)
 c.Font = font
 c.ForeColor = Color.DarkRed
 c.Text = name
 AddHandler c.MouseMove, AddressOf altciz
 AddHandler c.MouseLeave, AddressOf altciz_kaldir

 Dim d As New Label
 d.Location = New System.Drawing.Point(45, 22)
 d.AutoSize = True
 d.Text = status

 c.Visible = True
 b.Visible = True
 Return Nothing
 End Function
So, Old Version Was Adding The Controls Directly To Form. But This Is Adding It To The Panel With These Codes
Well, You Can Test It By Typing These Codes To Your Form.Load Event;

For i As Integer = 0 To 10
 add_buddy("Buddy Name", "Buddy Description")
Looks like that;
Posted Image

Just Keep Waiting For Next Part Of This Serie. We Will Contact With Internet And Add Buddies With The Information We Took From Internet.

Before This Dont Forget Installing XAMPP from Here for our tests if you dont have a host or something like that.

Thank you for reading my post.
You can find next parts and much more on this forum or on my site.
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