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Developing a Basic IRC Bot with Python

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Posted 20 October 2010 - 09:50 PM

Ok here is My Attempt at a Python IRC Bot Tutorial.

I am just Learning Python so the code may be a tad messy [For example the multiple arguments]

Lets Start!!

FIrst We need to do an import for the socket library to do this we use the import command

import socket
We need to have some variables to tell the Bot what its called and where it is going. To do this we use something similar to the following

nick = 'AffixPyBot' #define nick
debug = False # For debug Mode
network = irc.tdirc.net #Define IRC Network
port = 6667 #Define IRC Server Port
You will notice the '#' this defines a single line comment in python.

Now we need to setup our debug mode. To do so we will use an IF statement. This will Check if debug is true or false and give the appropriate channel.

if debug == True: #Check if Debug is True

    chan = '#bottesting'

elif debug = False: #Check if debus is false

    chan = '#TheDefaced'

Next we need to connect to the server. We need to define our socket also.
When Defining our socket we will use AF_INET.

To define our socket we make a variable and define the socket in the variable. Our variable will be called "irc"

irc = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM) #Define  IRC Socket
Now to make it connect it is VERY simple. It will just be "irc.connect"

irc.connect((network,port)) #Connect to Server
Now we setup a Receive buffer and send some data
Setting up the Receive buffer uses the irc.recv command
Sending Data uses the irc.send command.

N.B : The data we are sending is simple IRC Protocol

irc.recv (4096) #Setting up the Buffer
irc.send('NICK ' + nick + '\r\n') #Send our Nick(Notice the Concatenation)
irc.send('USER AffixBot AffixBot AffixBot :Affix IRC\r\n') #Send User Info to the server
irc.send('JOIN ' + chan + '\r\n') # Join the pre defined channel
irc.send('PRIVMSG ' + chan + ' :Hello.\r\n') #Send a Message to the  channel
Now we have our Basic IRC Setup Try the Script so Far.

To Keep our bot from pinging out We will introduce a while statement to handle IRC Pings. To do so we will add The following code

while True: #While Connection is Active
data = irc.recv (4096) #Make Data the Receive Buffer
print data #Print the Data to the console(For debug purposes)
if data.find('PING') != -1: #If PING is Found in the Data
irc.send('PONG ' + data.split()[1] + '\r\n') #Send back a PONG
Again most of the above is Basic IRC Protocol.

Now we will start to add commands to do this we must split the strings. Add the following under the last IF

elif data.find('PRIVMSG') != -1: #IF PRIVMSG is in the Data Parse it
      message = ':'.join(data.split (':')[2:]) #Split the command from the message
      if message.lower().find('TheDefaced') == -1: #If TheDefaced(Change to Suit Chan name) is in the message continue
        nick = data.split('!')[ 0 ].replace(':',' ') #The nick of the user issueing the command is taken from the hostname
        destination = ''.join (data.split(':')[:2]).split (' ')[-2] #Destination is taken from the data
        function = message.split( )[0] #The function is the message split
        print 'Funtion is ' + function + ' From ' + nick #Print who commanded [This is for debug and logging]
        arg = data.split( )[FInally Split the Arguments by space (arg[0] will be the actual command
Ok the following is a waste of code but as I say I am learning. This snippet will take all the args from the command its here for the say function. Add it under the variable arg.

args = '' #Create the Variable for use
        for index,item in enumerate(arg) : #For every index and item in arg
            if index > 3 : # If the index is Greater than 3
                if args == '': # If there are no Current Args
                    args = item #Make Item the First Argument
                else : #Else
                    args += ' ' + item #Add the item to the  sting
Now we are almost done. We just need to add some commands .

The following command is a fairly simple command. It just prints out something to the IRC.
        if function == 'Author\r\n': #If function is Equal to Author
            irc.send('PRIVMSG ' + chan + ' :' + nick + ' I am Coded By  Affix\r\n') #Print the Author
Again the above is Basic IRC

The Say command is DIfferent. It uses a group of Arguments (the args variable we made earlier)

if function == 'say': #Get the command Say
             irc.send('PRIVMSG ' + chan + ' :' + args + '\r\n') #Print What you want it to say (Note the ARGS)
Simple Huh?

Now if we want to use multiple arguments

if function == 'arguments':
             irc.send('PRIVMSG ' + chan + ' :' + arg[1] + arg[2] +  '\r\n') #Print out only Arguments 1 and two
Well the above command will only print the first 2 arguments. Again basic IRC Protocol[/code]

Thats it for my Tutorial on a Basic Python IRC bot. Hope you enjoyed it. Any comments please post.
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#2 tejobro


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Posted 18 April 2014 - 09:36 PM

awesome bro


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