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From folder content to webpage?

android mac

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#1 xarvox


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Posted 20 November 2009 - 01:34 PM

Hi all!
Im new here, first post!

im not a programmer, nor have i the capacity to become one (tryed and failed miserably), but i still would like to try :)

i would like to convert a folder into a website and keep sync´d with the original folder.

I have a NAS disk that is a simplified linux box, but able to run some of the fancier java code, that should be able to run a converter written in java.

The box is also my DLNA server, providing media to xbox and ps3 (plus 2 laptops) with movies and audio, but its totally rubbish to browse new stuff on, since one will only get a simple file name structure.

a web site could contain info pulled from the imdb or cdon and so on, based on a search of the file name.

My idea is to use info from any .txt or .nfo file contained in the same directory as the media file and search it for imdb-address, or just display the text unformatted.

so the website would follow the file structure in place /Movies/, /Series/ and so on) and load info of the selected movie at the end of the navigation tree.

So before i go any deeper, how do i achieve this?
this should be a two part problem, getter (file structure to data) and merger (data + text/imdb search).

i use eclipse for java (prefered tool for android), so a tutorial of something similar would be awesome!
any links you care to share? :)
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#2 BlaineSch


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Posted 20 November 2009 - 04:54 PM

You could just use a FTP program like Filezilla and sync them yourself when you update them.
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