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#49 zeroradius


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Posted 22 July 2009 - 10:28 AM

@TCM - Totaly agree.

Did i see someone say orphans don't have the same opritunity for education in the U.S.A? My frined from high school, his mom died when he was two and his dad left before he was born ...... the goverment gave him a full ride to a $60,000 university, and his grades were only average. Granted he droped out during our freshman year there because the moron got hooked on drugs, but still the goverment took care of him. Also with things such as F.A.S.F.A you get education assistance based on your parents income (if below the age of 2X (not sure the exact age, somewere in the 20's).

I got a 4 year BS in CIS in 3 years, if the US was in a socialist state you can bet your life that I would not have bothered with it. I mean comon if you can live cofortably by working security in a mall, why put up with the extra stress? Free enterprise is what makes this country great.

For those of you who don't agree with the way this country is turning, watch this video:
YouTube - We The People Stimulus Package At the end is the address you should send your teabag to. Join the new Tea party, show Obama we won't stand for this.
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#50 ToMegaTherion


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Posted 23 April 2010 - 11:30 PM

Socialism has some great ideas... anyone who disagrees should lobby against public transport, public education, public healthcare, government funded infrastructure because these ideas hold their roots in socialist ideas.
In saying that I am by no means a socialist. I did a few units on political studies last year. The problem with people is that they have a hard time remaining balanced and impartial. I you could have a balanced and impartial Vanguard party then I think it would have the potential to be a great thing. But people would not ever allow that to work, because it would enevitably end up an Authoritarian Dictatorship. Just look at Stalin. In the Soviet Union, communism died with Lenin. Sadly the human race is full of extremists, and it make any government requiring integrity difficult or impossible to make possible.
No political ideology has ever got it right instead it is a mix of all of them where the most stable countries exist.
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#51 WingedPanther73


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Posted 24 April 2010 - 04:15 AM

Unfortunately, the more heavily a country engages in socialism, the faster it starts having monetary problems. Greece is broke, but its citizens don't want to cut any programs. The problem with socialism is it slowly (or not so slowly) drains wealth from a country instead of building it. The programs may be nice, but if the result is a nation that's broke, did it really do that much good?
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#52 NatalieM


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Posted 24 April 2010 - 10:37 AM

You might find these interesting

BBC NEWS | Health | Healthcare around the world

Healthcare Costs Around the World |

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#53 Ancient Dragon

Ancient Dragon

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Posted 24 April 2010 - 12:03 PM

They can't and that is the way freedom should be. I have many guns, but this doesn't mean I commit any more or less crimes. In fact, I've never killed anyone. Not once.

I own a few guns too, but have not shot one since the early 1960s, although I have been shot at twice during store robberies.
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