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Part 2: Installing winamp on windows and streaming to a shoutcast server


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#1 morefood2001


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Posted 20 September 2008 - 10:34 AM

This is part 2 of my how to stream to a shoutcast server tutorial.

Now lets get winamp running on windows so we can stream!

1. Install winamp
Note: in the installer right before clicking install, uncheck winamp remote, winamp toolbar, set winamp search as my default search engine, and 50 free mp3 downloads + 1 free audiobook from emusic. You don't want anything on this page! Then click install.
2. Uncheck launch winamp and click finish.
3. now install the shoutcast dsp plugin program. All the defaults are fine, click no to the readme question. It should then disappear. Congrats, winamp is set to go!

4. Start winamp, the new bento skin is fine so click next. Now uncheck all the boxes in this next window except for show inamp in folder context menus in windows explorer. This way your existing media player will still play all of your files, winamp will only play files which don't already have an association to a media player on your machine.

5. on the last winamp window, just click finish, no info is required from you.

6. goto options > preferences, then in that window scroll down to Plugins > Dsp/effect. Select Nullsoft shoutcast source dsp 1.9.0 then close it.

7. Find the new window that poped up, in it, goto the output tab and fill in the address: this is your server url, in my case "hansen.podnet.org", port (8080 in my case), and password (shoutcast in my case). You can click on yellow pages and enter in personal info as well. If you make your server public, you will be listed in the shoutcast directory where anyone can find your server.

8. Goto the encoder tab, and the encoder type should be mp3 encoder, and the settings should be whatever you want. In my case, I'm using 128Kbps, 44.1khz stereo.

9. go backto output and click on connect. and it should be streaming to yoru server. Use winamp to play a song of your choice. You can simply goto your now playing page in the main winamp player window and open a song to play thats on your computer.

10. To broadcast your voice on mic, goto the input tab of the shoutcast source window and select soundcard as input and push to talk (or lock if you want to click once to talk then click again to turn off your mic). Remember after done talking, switch back to winamp as the input device to stream music playing in the player.

11. While connected, http://server:8080 will have your song title and information on it which is live information with a total number of listeners. If you login, you will be able to see users connected and ips with the ability to kick them. To login, the username is admin, and the password is your admin password, or if not set, your broadcast password.

12. On the webpage, there will be a link to the listen.pls file that clients can download and play in vlc, media player classic, winamp or other shoutcast enabled players.

As a final note, normally shoutcast streams are delayed 30 seconds to listeners, so people listening will hear what you hear live about 30 seconds after the fact.

Hope you enjoy streaming :D
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#2 tecktalk


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Posted 01 December 2008 - 04:04 AM

oh wooooooww..!!! just awesome.. and..I am just speechless.. How did you thought this can happen and It works that really cool stuff. :)

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