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A byte [] not GC'd but not referenced either; could i...

Mobile Development 02 Mar 2019
Hi all,   I am developing an Android app that shows pages from a PDF to the user. I am using the PDFium library, so pages have to be rendered to bitmaps first, and then to the screen. The bitmaps are big, around 7.3 MB for a huge tablet I am testing on. Anyway, I have a memory leak where the...
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Bypassing Windows XP Professional Login.

Security Tutorials 11 Jan 2011
Hey everybody! Today where going to go over how to bypass Windows XP Professional Login.*DISCLAIMER* I am not responsible for what you do with this tutorial. I am making this tutorial only to educate people on how to get onto there computers of which, they have forgotten the password, or where gi...
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Latest Programming Tutorials


PHP Tutorials 19 Jan 2017
Fellow Php Developers,Googled but no luck to get Php 7 sample snippets for my learning purpose.Can you be kind enough to give me code snippets in Php 7 so I can learn Php 7 faster while gaining work experience building scripts ?I have tailored (but not built) a script with a variety of functions....
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Cannot "extend" interface implementation to use n...

C/C++ Tutorials 05 Sep 2016
Hello everyone,   I am new to C++ and OOP and but due to personnel shortages I have been assigned to work on a C++ project In order to make my point I am just oversimplifying the actual code.   I have created a new static method inside a class and I need to create unit tests for it. Th...
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C++ Detouring Tutorial with MS Detours

Video Tutorials 29 Apr 2016
Decent tutorial, source code works great   #include <Windows.h>   bool Hook(void * toHook, void * ourFunct, int len) { if (len < 5) { return false; }   DWORD curProtection; VirtualProtect(toHook, len, PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE, &curProtection);   memset(toHook,...
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using buttons on html forms in jsp files to load other forms

Java Tutorials 17 Feb 2016
Hi guys, Im working on a web application with numerous modules. Im on the first module which has three buttons, new account, sign in and exit. I am new to java web applications. I have just created a jsp file and put html buttons onto it and now want to know what code to write to make sure those...
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Visual Basic .NET Tutorial - How to add google maps in a...

Visual Basic Tutorials 09 Feb 2016
Please can you tell me where I can find this code. I watched the youtube video but find it nowhere.
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