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Introductions 23 Jul 2020
Please delete this account. I don't use it and haven't for years.
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Basic C++ Game Hacking Tutorial

C/C++ Tutorials 12 Aug 2018
If you have ever wanted to modify a video game on the Windows platform you have probably heard of Cheat Engine. But how do you translate a Cheat Engine script into a C++ application? Today you can find out. In this video I'll walk you through the whole process of writing a basic external C++ trai...
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Which tutorial should I pick out of these (member reg, lo...

PHP Tutorials 12 Mar 2017
Programming Buddies,     Looking at the following links, can you be kind enough to tell me which one I should learn from and which one teaches what method (mysqli, pdo, etc.) and whether they are on php 7 or 5 because only looking for php 7:   https://daveismyname...system-with-ph...
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Google Map cannot be displayed Inside Bootstrap Modal View

HTML, CSS and Javascript Tutorials 31 Jan 2017
Hi everyone, the code below displays a google map when run directly from a page but when embedded inside a bootstrap modal view, the google map content will not be displayed. only the map blank shape is showed. can someone help me with that. Thanks [code] <!DOCTYPE html> <html...
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PHP Tutorials 19 Jan 2017
Fellow Php Developers,Googled but no luck to get Php 7 sample snippets for my learning purpose.Can you be kind enough to give me code snippets in Php 7 so I can learn Php 7 faster while gaining work experience building scripts ?I have tailored (but not built) a script with a variety of functions....
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Cannot "extend" interface implementation to use n...

C/C++ Tutorials 05 Sep 2016
Hello everyone,   I am new to C++ and OOP and but due to personnel shortages I have been assigned to work on a C++ project In order to make my point I am just oversimplifying the actual code.   I have created a new static method inside a class and I need to create unit tests for it. Th...
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