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Announcement: New to CODECALL - FAQ

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CODECALL is where developers from around the world come to share programming questions, answers, tricks, source code, and other topics relating to programming. Our community of helpful members are always available to help out in our Q&A sections, such as Software Development and Web Development.

In addition to Q&A, we have a dynamic General Discussions area where members can discuss general programming concept, talk about technology, ask homework questions, and just hang out in the lounge.

Asking Questions

CODECALL is primarily a place to ask questions. You'll receive the best help if you provide as much information about your question or problem as possible. Include a good title, your code, any errors you're encountering, and what you've tried or searched for to solve your problem. We will not do your homework for you.

  • Post your code between code tags by click on Posted Image in the editor
  • Include details about errors and what your question is
  • Use proper English and spelling
  • Tell us what you've tried to solve your problem
Do Not:
  • Ask us to do your homework or project for you
  • Copy/Paste your homework assignment
  • Use "txt" speak (i.e. plz, hlp, thx)
Answering Questions

You can earn reputation and recognition by helping in our Q&A forums. We strive to provide answers that are detailed and in-depth by including links to documentation, examples of code, and explanations. We do not however do people's homework for them. Nor do we tell people to "Google It" as that's usually how they arrived here.

  • Provide in-depth explanations & details
  • Include links to documentation & references
  • Be polite and professional
  • Provide a solution others will find useful in the future
Do Not:
  • Enforce rules in replies, use the "Report" button instead
  • Just tell someone to "Google It"
  • Be rude or hijack topics just to criticize the OP
Reporting Bad Posts & Members

If a post/topic needs moved, is spam, doesn't provide any details/information, or breaks other rules, please report it using the "Report" button in the bottom of any post, or on any members profile.

We have gone through and revamped the whole rank, reputation and membership system here on CODECALL. The new system should better reflect the activity we have here on CODECALL. Enjoy! Posted Image

1. Ranks

Rank is an indication of participation/activity on the site. As you post more on the site, your rank will increase. As an active participant, a user is helping to foster discussions on the site.

codecall ranks.PNG

2. Reputation Points

Given by members to posters based on the quality/helpfulness of their posts. A good post will get positive reputation, while a not-so-good post will likely get negative reputation. Reputations are worth -1- point each. This is the ultimate indication of the member’s helpfulness, skills and expertise on this site.

codecall reputation.PNG

3. Member Group

When you participate more on CODECALL, your membership will be promoted automatically. Group membership is attached to actual privileges and features on the site. For example, a “Senior Member” will be able to customize his profile page with background image.

cc member tiers v3.PNG

If you are in the wrong group, please notify us by opening up a ticket in Forum Support.
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