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Book Review: Php Ajax Cookbook

Posted by fread, 11 April 2012 · 2593 views

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My review of PHP Ajax Cookbook (PHP Ajax Cookbook web link)

This book is loaded with many practical examples covering some of the most basic functional requirements of most modern day dynamic websites and a descent walkthrough of the standards tools and libraries used for building web applications.

From a cookbook, what do you expect? A recipe to make a cake, a pie, maybe a salad; I’m sure you see my point. PHP Ajax Cookbook is exactly what the name implies – A Problem, Task or Concept and a resultant algorithm to complete the job. With that said, I will not recommend this book for anyone thinking about wetting their appetite in building web applications. To be honest I had difficulty following quite a few of the examples presented within the chapters. I felt the author assumed too much about my understanding of PHP and JavaScript libraries (JQuery mostly). A little more of an introduction and maybe examples ranging from simple to complex would have made me happy. If you have no experience in JavaScript (or any of its libraries), PHP and MySQL, this book is not for you.

The information presented in this book is slanted towards persons already knee deep in web development, web development technologies and JavaScript frameworks, students pursuing a career in web applications/development or anyone with enough programming discipline and experience that is able to quickly discern complex ideas and techniques; such a person will find this book a most useful weapon in their e-book arsenal.
A lot of focus is placed on creating dynamic functionality, most heading towards creating seamless web applications. In all fairness, that is what Ajax is all about.

As for me I am moving from building desktop applications, like small games, and simple GUI calculators into the web development arena. Much of the material the author presents, I air marked to implement on personal projects in the future. The problems or task presented in the examples are very practical and reveals modern approaches, tools and techniques for solving such problems. All being said, I believe this book rightly deserves a space in my personal e-book collection, not as a reference text or a hands down guide of the technologies, but more as a collection of practical approaches for solving problems encountered when building top-notch, modern day, dynamic web applications.

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I like this review. It's interesting seeing how two different people with different levels of experience view the book. I guess that really reinforces my statement that this should NOT be your first web-programming book.
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