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worst day in my life...

Posted by amrosama, 16 September 2009 · 910 views

yesterday i was extremely excited to take the ZCE certification(php), ive been studying and preparing for it for two months.
i read 3 books, parts of the php manual, and w3schools. i was really happy while studying and learning new stuff, i exposed myself to new fields ive never tried like XML, Streams and web services.
when i decided to take the exam and paid for it i got an email with the rules and stuff, i read them very well and called the test center to verify it because this caught my attention:

*We ask that you arrive at the test center 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This will
give you adequate time to complete the necessary sign-in procedures. Please be prepared to show
two (2) forms of personal ID. Both must have your signature, and one of the two must have your photo.

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for an exam and are refused admission, payments are due for
the exam and delivery fees.

none of my IDs had my signature so i called the test center to see if thats okay, they said yes i only have to bring 2 IDs with my ******* face on it, and so i did yesterday.
actually i had 3 IDs; my government ID, college ID, and a club ID. the big ** surprise was that the guy at the test center didnt accept the last 2 IDs because they arnt not "official" or "governmental" , i thought it was one of those before-test-lame-jokes but it wasnt. i kept arguing with him that my college is a governmental and my face is ** on it, at this point i was furious, i was cussing in my head so i yelled "get me the manager", an utterly cold ** showed up and said "how can i help you", we explained the problem but he didnt approve any of the IDs...i kept arguing for 45min till i gave up and stormed out of the building...im so ** pissed off, ive never been this angry and the worst thing is that theres no one to blame, even if i went back in time before the exam i wouldnt have collected "official" IDs that work.
the government only gives egyptians one regular ID. only option to get another ID was learning ** driving and get a driving license or get a passport that requires me to finish the army service....
what now?
now i have 3 options:
-learn how to drive and risk other people lives with me on the road
-finishing the army service which might take between 2 months and 3 years
-wait till php6 certification comes out and take it
the good side
its obvious that theres no good or bright side. taking the exam and failing would have been 10 times better than this bull****

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You should call the Pearson Vue headquarters and tell them what happened. The rules clearly say "two forms of ID" not "two forms of governmental ID". I believe I showed my Drivers License and a social security card when I went. The Social Security card doesn't have a picture of me on it, though. Do you guys have something like that? A birth certificate or social security card or is that what your government ID is?

Also, in America we can go get an "identification card" from the driver license department without having to pass the drivers test. Anything like that available?
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thats not here in egypt, theres rules are applied on egypt only which is getting 2 official IDs released from the government.
i only had one.. i think they were right
its no ones fault actually
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I don't see how waiting for PHP6 will solve your problem though. It would seem you would still need to get a drivers license or finish the army.
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got that right ill have to wait at least 3 months...
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Only one word comes to my mind now. F***!
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I would complain to Pearson, unless they didn't go through with charging you.
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Omg you must be pretty darn pissed... At least you learned something new. Was it expensive?
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i lost about 125$
ill meet the manager at the test center again soon
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