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Programming and aging

Posted by amrosama, 21 August 2009 · 540 views

currently i do freelancing with a partner of mine and we have noticed that most employers and managers require programmers and web-developers to be young and fresh.
at first it seemed weird because who would make use of a web-developer with zero experience?! few words came into my mind; creativity, easy to change their minds, cost less money, lack of confidence....
but does that mean that old programmers arnt needed?!! im afraid that my value decreases as i grow up, i mean ill never stop loving programming (ill be burried with my laptop) but im talking from the business view, i keep hearing that when programmers grow up they work as system analysts and project managers , is that true?
what do you think?

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I'll always program. Even if I don't get paid for it, I'll keep doing it. It's what I love, and I can't give it up for anything.

I guess the big problem is middle-aged people generally have families their caring for, and more importantly paying for. So they need more pay from their employers, which makes the generally family-less young guys who can still produce just as good of code much more attractive. The years of experience do help, and make for far less buggy and better documented code, as well as more extensible, but I guess it's not important enough to the suits. :)
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I've noticed the same trend here at my job-site. Young people are easier to train, cheaper, etc, etc.
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I believe this is why Kronos ate all his children.
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hahaaha, I believe so.

It is odd cause I see that same **** everywhere. Old people out, young in. I think it is for all of IT.

Dude, what is this **** about time I see above your post? It is cool but I only see it about your blogs. wtf is that?
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a draft i wrote a long time ago i cant remove it
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It won't let you delete it? Do you want me to remove it? Why don't you just publish it?
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i edited it to a short word but still it didnt get removed
please delete it
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