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i have a confession....

Posted by amrosama, 21 April 2009 · 380 views

lately i had to use ASP.NET after i have dumped it and replaced it with php because i cant use PHP in a college project...and...i actually starting to like it(again).
phew that was a relief, learning PHP was awesome because i learned other stuff beside it like JS and AJAX, i hated ASP.NET because i thought it was too complex for my application and the design view really sucks. but when i used it this week i discovered some features that can be very useful:
  • MASTER PAGE: the master page idea is simply awesome because it lets you make a unified design for all the pages in your project(unless you choose not to), and you can have more than one master page
  • JS Editor: its an IDE related feature, you can view the child nodes and attributes of any Element of your page easily, even in situations like ths "document.getElementbyId('object')" when you type "." it shows yuo the attributes
  • Fast publishing: very useful when you have an ISS installed on other pc, by just 3 clicks you can publish your project on another pc IIS
  • ODBC connector: by installing this baby on your server you can access any database on your odbc, i dont even use MS sql server. im using mysql with it. which is awesome
things i still think it SUCKS:
  • Validation Controls: if you havnt heard of them, they are server-side validation that checks asp.net controls for required fields, comparing and regular expressions. i find it really nice WHEN IT WORKS.... it works okay on ie6,ie7 and FF but on opera it doesn't, you can submit an empty form and no validation will occur. plus its SERVER-SIDE and it can be applied on regular HTML input
  • Design view: on the current project i havnt used it once, it adds rubbish to your code easily and the output on VS design view is really diffrent from even ie7
  • Price: Really expensive to get an original one for your projects that you want to sell
P.S. im still PHP fan and ill use it in all my other projects

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I had to use ASP.NET in college with VB and C#. I hated both since I'm so use to PHP. I suppose ASP works just as well as any server side language. I don't think there is anything wrong with liking or using it.
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