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Group-Study SUCKS!

Posted by amrosama, 04 April 2009 · 633 views

have you ever felt that all your class mates are pulling you back on a certain subject? specially subjects like programming. i did!
which made me wonder: is studying a programming language better off alone??
i shout YES!, for me programming is personal issue because its like an endless exploration in the jungle stopping for a break wont help me go further. this semester i had to take a java course at college i always hated that language(more than i hate dr.phill) but just like watching dr.phill i had to study java because theres no other option(ads on other channels). i know java is good and everything but its just a personal issue for me, the main point is i spent the last 4 months in a java class that teaches:
1.how to draw a UML
2.coding a UML Class
3.OOP stuff:Polymorphism, over-ridding,over-loading,...etc
5.doing an Interface
when i first knew the course content i thought we will take that in one lecture, surprisingly it took over 4 months because of my class mates, which made me write this blog.
do you think studying programming in groups would be better than studying it by yourself??

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Very interesting way to think, however wouldn't it be good for you to work with one or two extra?
I mean whenever you get a brain **, they will always be able to help you. I like to do that, help others whenever they get brain farts and vise verse.
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Whenever I was in a programming class, I found myself "tutoring" at least one classmate. Not all that fun.
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I dislike learning in groups for anything, not just programming. When I am interested in a subject I can rapidly learn it on my own pace. In a group you always have those people that don't care, don't want to learn or simply can't learn. They hold back the entire group.
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Funny thing, I experienced every aspect that Winged, Jordan and Turk4n described. When I am burning time on *my* topics then I tell people to work on their own and not disturb me. :cool:
When I have free time then I tutor those people that are good friends-classmates. And when someone is too lazy to learn something himself, or doesn't appreciate my help then I cut him loose. :o
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I find that for me personally, the most efficient study method is just me and a book, so that I can go at any pace, and refer back and review anytime. However, some people just don't have the discipline to make an effort to learn. For those people, peer competition and a grading system are essential.
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its okay Amr. i don't like group work either LOL
and I don't like group study either
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