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Book Review: Manage It!

Posted by WingedPanther73, 17 August 2011 · 1006 views

In case you didn't guess, this "programming" book is actually a project management book, focussing on managing software projects. So, should you bother with this book? I mean, most people reading this want write software, not manage it, right? There's a few things that make it a worthwhile read. I'll break these down into a few categories, depending on where your programming career may be.

1) You work as a programmer for a company. This will give you an idea of what the project manager is, or should be, thinking. If your project manager frustrates you, this may give you some ideas for how you can help him/her help you.

2) You work for yourself. You need to be your own project manager. You may be the boss of a company, or a contractor, but you have to manage yourself. This will give you a LOT of ideas about how to keep track of what you're doing, and how to plan it.

3) You're learning the trade. If you're taking classes, there are a lot of tips and tricks for how to manage your homework projects. This will give you a lot of ideas about how to start working, now. You'll get tips on how you should be developing your projects, and how to manage your time.

I'm in category 1, and it has affected how I manage my own work. I tend to have a lot of small projects I'm working on. I basically have a project portfolio I'm working on at any given time, and have a lot of latitude to balance my workload. This book gave me a lot of ideas for how I can improve how I organize my own work. This was definitely a 10/10 for me.

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Could you write who wrote this book, or some info that could help me find it on amazon.ca
This book look interesting, but I can't find it :(
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Thx... it is now in my amazon wish list :)
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