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Posted by YoungPythoner, 06 July 2015 · 15136 views

html5 flash
Welcome to my first blog entry! We read the HTML5 vs ADOBE FLASH:
I readed entries from other tecnology sites.
1. "Security Guard" (Security)
HTML5: Security is good i think, are you think so?
FLASH: There are many security opens. (Sorry for bad english.)
HTML5 won! +1 points. *ding ding ding*
2. "The Engine" (Performance)
HTML5: Tested on Youtube it's good.
FLASH: It's good but it's slowing sometimes.
HTML5 won! +1 points. *ding ding ding*
3. "Helper Man" (Help Documents)
HTML5: There are less documents than Flash just now!
FLASH: There are many documents for help!
FLASH won! +1 points. *ding ding ding*
4. "The Pencil and Paper" (Development)
HTML5: You must know JS. Actually CSS, PHP.
FLASH: You must learn FLASH! Just Flash!
I think HTML5 is easy, but FLASH too. To FLASH one point!
HTML5 = FLASH?! It's my think you must know. Hope you like it!

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First issue: you're not clear what you're actually comparing. Flash is more than just videos, as is HTML5. Are you comparing them as video platforms, gaming platforms, or something else?

When you're comparing security, what are you basing the security on? There's security of the media itself (preventing downloads, ensuring only authorized people can watch it, encryption of the data) and there's security of the mechanism for the client machine, among others.

HTML5 will, of course, have less overhead than flash.

I have no idea what you mean by documentation. HTML5 is very thoroughly documented as a standard.

HTML5 doesn't require PHP, though you generally need a server-side language of some sort. However, to serve up flash, it's going to be embedded in a web documented with all the HTML stuff anyway, so FLASH clearly loses.

Also, you didn't compare the cost of development platforms: HTML5 is free, Flash is not.

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