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Where have you been Kadence?

Posted by Sundance, 25 October 2014 · 9364 views

united kingdom university studies mathematics
So where have I been? Well I have been at university doing university things like drinking, partying, going to my classes, learning new things in relation to programming, working on robots for the university team projects, lots of things.

I originally planned to only be away for two weeks, I thought how busy I was would stop after a few weeks, but no I'm very active all the time in the 36 Days I've been here I have had only 3 days where I have not been doing something the studies are challenging and fun, not stressful but not easy either.

I will probably blog more and I will definitely be back on CC more often now I know my work load and how much is going on.

Lots of love
Mod Kadence

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Aaaaand she is back! We missed you girl! We'll be waiting for your partying pictures.

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WB! We missed you!


In all seriousness, college just gets more and more time-consuming as you go on. Hang tough!

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