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Day 8 - The metamorphosis

Posted by Sundance , 18 February 2014 · 12214 views

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Sorry I haven't blogged in so long! Between my education and the weather here in the UK I have been quite busy.

So what's new I hear you cry? WELL I have NOT electrocuted myself (maybe a little) anymore! :D

I have moved over to using Linux all the time now and I no longer use Windows! Those who know me know that I am a huge fan of Linux but I must just say that Windows has actually done me a lot of help over the years and has actually done something that Linux could not and that was format my current HDD properly! I was pretty surprised but I think that was Windows saying "Thank you for the years of use"! Now as for using my RaspberryPi I have also reformatted it due to some nasty networking problems and gone wireless, so it is now wall mounted and has an externally powered 1.5TB HDD for it to write to thus removing the need for any FTP.

On another note I will be writing security tutorials soon such as how to secure your SSH server and how to secure your browser / lower your internet finger print (I have never used a mac however the tutorial should cross over across ALL OS's)

So why is the title of this post called "Metamorphosis?" Well excellent question that you were not wondering about! It's called so because I feel like I have changed from a windows using caterpillar with massive vulnerabilities to a beautiful butterfly! Expect to be hearing more from me soon! I miss all of you my friends and shall be catching up with all of you soon!


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I have moved over to using Linux all the time now and I no longer use Windows!

I tried that once.. for about 2 weeks :P

Then I went back to windows, it's just easier, everything works there and I see no huge reason to use Linux apart from easier SSH'ing in terminals
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she's one of us now, one of us, one of us!

No more windows!

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Wim, I find it's the opposite, everything works in linux for me and Windows loves to fail. :P


Yes Vaielab I have converted!

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Linux is very nice and my laptop will always have it, but for stress relievers (games), the fact I can run HD this and that without extensive intervention (I think Flash is unsupported now on Linux?) and using up my patience on the end and not the means (installing endless things, Google Chrome for example, 10 different types of installations, updating repositories to get them, all to have a choppy interface..) just makes me love Windows 7. It's my little stress-free box.

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