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Day 7 - Skype, Mutt and Nano

Posted by Sundance, 15 January 2014 · 14294 views

pythonmutt email skype nano notepad++ cli command line interface
One of the main reasons I don't actually use Linux is due to the lack of alternatives for some of my favourite software such as Skype or Notepad++ [before anyone mentions WINE, the answer to it is just no, just no. A flat out absolute, undeniably definitely no.] now I don't exactly keep it a secret that I love the Command Line Interface (CLI) almost as much as politicians love to lie, now due to my love for both Notepad++ and Skype I have to run windows in order to use them and this is where Skype CLI comes in, Skype CLI is something I am working on that will allow me to use Skype from a Linux machine simply by running a python program, now there is already a program out there called BitlBee and it uses the same method as I will, Skype running on a Windows computer which will communicate by the magic of the internet and Python to send and receive messages to and from the command line in the Linux computer. So now that's Skype in the CLI done.

Now I use Thunderbird often as my email client and due to wanting to stay, CLI within Linux I now use Mutt which is configured to my private email address (My email script for my RaspberryPi is configured to my public email and one that I will give to anyone whom asks) and it is truly beautiful. So now that is fine!

So that leaves Notepad++ which is of course a truly wonderful little windows application in my experience it's light weight, versatile and easy to use. Now some Linux purists will laugh at me for this as it is a 'noob' program, I use nano, but then again I have not exactly followed trends regarding software in the past nor do I intend to, if it works for me and it does the job, I'm happy.

Not much of an update blog post but it was nice to vent some information off of my brain.


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I run Skype on Linux almost daily. I even installed it from repository on Ubuntu.

I have about a dozen different text editors that I use, and don't like Notepad++ :) Geany and Jedit are my goto editors, but I also use Kate, gEdit, and a few others. Nano sucks, IMNSHO, but it's there in a pinch.

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That's cool, I like gEdit too, I've had suggestions for Jedit but I like Nano for some reason. :P

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gedit is just as good as NPP, trust me i didnt switch completely over to linux for a year because of it, but go into gEdits prefrences and you can set it to do exactly what NPP does and it even has more language syntax!!!

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