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Day 4 - Media Server

Posted by Sundance , 05 January 2014 · 3184 views

media server python terminal ftp php mail script awesomesauce
Due to having to wait for my cables to arrive in the post I was messing around with some old tech, I found enough parts to fix my old laptop and did so, giving it a 1.5TB HDD I have turned this laptop into a Intranet / media server and it certainly does the job!

As for my RaspberryPi I started to write the Python Script for it to check for emails and let me know when they were unread.

I'm still thinking of the colour scheme I'm going to use for it but I think blue and white would look nice considering most of my technology is that colour scheme.

Now due to myself either having a lack of things to blog about (daily posting can be tedious when you haven't wrote much code or made much progress.

I'm going to start blogging as and when I have added something new however the continuation will still go in chronological order as I will only count days I have worked on it as days to blog about so the next one will be Day 5 - Funny awesome title name.

that being said I may just write a PHP mail script to execute off of my media server to let people know when I have wrote a new blog entry.

I'll also paste the script here and let people know about it.

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