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Day 3 - You've got mail!

Posted by Sundance, 04 January 2014 · 2105 views

python led programming mail raspberrypi
So I was thinking last night what could I really use my Pi for? Well I have came down to two logical conclusions the first being that I will use it as a downloads center with a 1.5TB HDD mounted on it and the second idea is to connect two LED's one will be red and will flash repeatedly when I have an unread email in my Mail.Ru account the second will be a Yellow LED that will be turned on when I am downloading a file or two that way it can let me know when it's done.

So in order to do this I need to use the GPIO pins on the board of my Pi this will require a bread board, two resistors, two LED's four GPIO female to female wires and of course a Raspberry Pi.

I will post pictures and source code when this idea is complete!

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Hey, you are resourceful! :D


I guess we should find a better use for the leds, I mean some more complex signals. Email is great, I take for granted that it doesn't turn on for SPAM.

About downloads... it's complicated, because I think it should be like three states, like: One of your downloads finished, it's downloading, it's doing nothing (the off).

So, basicallly, it would be nice to have a led indicating if the system is doing nothing.

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BlackRabbit I took your opinion into consideration but I'm sad to say it just isn't good enough.


It's a brilliant idea and that is why I will use a multi coloured LED (it changes colour based on the voltage applied) I was thinking that it could turn green for when downloads are done, yellow/orange when downloading and red when it is doing nothing. Be sure to look at Day 6 when I write it for more information.

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