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Day 2 - An idea!

Posted by Sundance, 03 January 2014 · 1563 views

gmail cowsay python raspberrypi lkp dictionary email
Essential Apps
Today I installed the most essential app known to any linux user, cowsay! I thought it would be a cute addition to my little Pi, currently I have been thinking of things I would like to code and a few things have crossed my mind, such as making a miniaturized web server to render my website scrapes or even develop a chat client / make a program that will do particular word processing tasks for me such as letter count, word count, then I thought about about a mass file clearer, helpful for when I want to remove a directory (more of an educational idea than anything else) so my first idea is to code a dictionary program in Python that will search dictionary.com for the particular word and give me the definition!

My second idea of the day is an email reader so I may read my emails straight off of my Pi! It could be an interesting challenge considering I use mail.ru as my email provider but we will see! Due to the Raspberry Pi's small space for data storage I don't intend on storing anything on it, so working with a small space (about 2gb) is quite entertaining compared to the 15TB I have to store data here.

So I will see what I can come up with and post the code here speak soon!.

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